The Devil’s Roll Call: Ukraine — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)
The Devil’s Roll Call: Ukraine
  by Norman B
98% of the Senate voted Nazi,
And they cannot see you.
You’d better run out and join ROT-C,
Before that’s what you get ordered to do.
Bernie Sellout Sanders voted Nazi,
As corporations ordered him to do.
Every fake “Progressive” voted Nazi:
Elizabeth Warren, Markey, Sherrod Brown too.

Raul Grijalva and Keith Ellison voted Nazi,
Bobby Rush, Henry Waxman, Barbara Lee,
Jerrold Nadler, Maxine Waters, Blumenthal,
Elijah Cummings, Capuano, Joe Kennedy.


Tammy Baldwin, George Miller, Charles Rangel,
Pelosi, Marcy Kaptor, Pete Defazio,
Lynch and Tierney and James McGovern voted Nazi
– I just thought that all of you should know.


Sheila Jackson Lee and Emanuel Cleaver,
Frank Pallone, and all the Democrats (but two
In the House) voted to back the Nazi Terrorists.
Does that even matter much to you?




(p)(c) 2014 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All Rights Reserved.

[Photo: (L to R) Andrew, Maure, Norman, Ezekiel. Photo by Alex.]


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