Let’s temporarily put aside whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is guilty or innocent.  Let’s also ignore his age, his looks or any other reason he may have drawn sympathy or “fan girl” attention.  Let’s concentrate on a human being and a U.S. citizen, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  I want everyone to keep thinking about this man and the many le personnel that have touch this case, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the Boston Marathon Bombings.  I believe we have been over this many times, and perhaps I’m duplicating a previous post, but we must keep this near the surface, as this can happen to any of us.

Marathon Drills.  When I first heard that drills may be performed during the Boston Marathon, I was surprised.  Does the public at such events actually accept these drills?  I find it hard to believe that most people are not scared and thinking these drills may be real.  At the very least, someone may be trampled in an effort to run from the possible danger, it’s just natural.  Or does the public just stand around when these drill smoke bombs go off (facetious).  Why would they hold these drills during a crowded, competitive event, possibly affecting the outcome by distracting the runners and spectators?  Sounds to me like these drill organizers do just about anything they want, when they want to do it.

Watertown Shootout.  How many police officers does it take to bring in two suspected terrorists?  That sounds like the beginning of a joke, but there’s no punch line here.  Seriously, a shootout in a residential neighborhood?  Yes, one of them had a gun and was firing back and they were exploding “bombs.”  But I’ve read it called a “barrage of bullets” there on Laurel Street and I’ve heard several audios confirming the barrage.  I can’t understand why there was a “shootout”.   It is obvious to me that the le did not use any self control, but rather just try to kill no matter the cost.   Was it necessary to continuously fire with sleeping residents’ homes in the line of fire?  Is that what they thought was necessary to bring in these suspects?

“Voluntary” Lockdown in Watertown.  Hmmm.

 Henneberry Boat Shoot Fest.  I get it Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was considered dangerous and the suspect wanted for the bombings. In the beginning it was not known if he was armed.  I can also slightly understand the term “contagious gunfire,” although I still believe all le present at the Tsarnaev surrender should have been highly trained and had their wits about them.  But what I just can’t understand is why over 200 rounds were fired into the boat.  Tsarnaev never fired back.  There was NO shootout here.  This was simple an attempt to silence him, no other way I can see it.

Hospital Room Interrogation.  Confession?  False confession?  Torture?  I’ve heard it called many things.  In the beginning, I believe the public safety exemption may have applied.  For about 15 minutes, once le enforcement was assured there was no imminent danger.   Tsarnaev was heavily medicated, handcuffed, denied requested representation multiple times, jaw wired shut, deprived of rest, etc.  Meanwhile this High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group continued whatever they wanted with no restraint and no apparent concern for Tsarnaev’s rights nor health.

Genck’s Affidavit.  Taken, by many, to be some kind of “God law” or absolute truth and there’s no room for discussion.  so we’re expected to take the word of this one FBI agent.  For example he said, “I can discern nothing in that location in the period before the explosion that may of caused the explosion other than bomber two’s knapsack.”  What he’s really saying and wants you to believe is, “Tsarnaev had a knapsack, he must have done it, so don’t look for anything else”, imo.

Leaks.  One of the first leaks was from The New York Times’s article on May 2, 2013 giving details of DT’s hospital interrogation.  Oops, not sure these details should have been public knowledge.  The New York Times can’t help themselves.  All msm can’t help themselves.  Its what they do, compete to be the first to get a story out, no matter the truth or the consequences for doing so.  But why did this information get to the media in the first place?  Because “they” (FBI, prosecution, I don’t know who)  wanted it out, wanted the public to KNOW Tsarnaev was guilty even before he had a fair trial.  And these “leaks” continue, periodically, whenever they are needed to reinforce or strengthen the public’s negative view.

 SAMs.  The prosecution and BOP can tell me all day long that they fear Tsarnaev will communicate with other terrorists.  Show me the basis of this. Who are these other “terrorists”?  When did he ever communicate with these outside terrorists before?  But my biggest issue with the SAMs is why can’t Tsarnaev receive all the incoming mail, ” fan” mail?  Why can’t he watch TV?  He simply needs to be detained, not tortured, as he has not been proven guilty of what he is accused.  He has not had his day in court.  No, this is just another item on the long list of measures to try controlling the outcome.

 Ibragim Todashev.  Todashev had a temper.  He was a very skilled martial artist.  IMO these were the only things Todashev had against him (did wrong, if you will).  I firmly believe he was provoked and they used his temper against him.  But the FBI (Office of Intelligence Committee which oversees the FBI)  did an internal review of the death of Todashev and ruled the agent was justified and cleared of wrong-doing.  Well of course that’s what they would find.  How on Earth is it fair when any agency reviews itself?  FBI 152, the People 0.

 Boat note “confession”.  Another confession?  Use your common sense here.  He was bleeding, tired and had been fired upon by (what must have felt like) hundreds of police officers on Laurel Street.  He thought he was dying, which he was.  I simply don’t think he had the strength to write that little book on the inside of the boat.  I don’t even think he had the strength to look for a pen.  And I really don’t believe the words are his.

Biden: Boston Suspects ‘Twisted, Perverted, Knock-Off Jihadis’.  (simply shaking my head at this one)  One would think if you held the second highest office in this country, you would be able to speak as that position requires, with fairness, intelligence and restraint, as you represent the entire country.  That or keep your %$#@% mouth shut!  This one was my personal fav.

These are just a few examples as most of you are aware.  I’m sure I’ve left out many.  But I ask again, law enforcement or authoritarianism?