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Tina Turner & Children Beyond – When You Sing

Tina Turner was in the news today…

Tina Turner is part of the spiritual supergroup Beyond, performing Hindu prayers and traditional Indian music with Swiss soprano Regula Curti, Swiss Tibetan singer Dechen Shak-Dagsay and classical Indian singer Sawani Shende-Sathaye.

Recluse Tina retired from the music industry after her 1999 album ‘Twenty Four Seven’. The 74-year old superstar became a Buddhist in the mid 1970s and now calls herself a Buddhist-Baptist.

Beyond gave her a reason to go back to the studio. “Personally it’s something I’m very proud to be part of,” says Tina, who sings Amazing Grace, the Lord’s Prayer and the negro spiritual Motherless Child on the new album. “Hopefully this project will teach people how to use what they’re born with to help themselves and help the world – and therefore there will be more world peace.”

The project was been met with a positive reception. “We were overwhelmed with the feedback,” Regula Curti says. “It struck a chord with such a wide range of people, and helped them find courage and some kind of healing. It was used a lot in hospital, by people with cancer, people who were confronting death and wanted to lose their fear of dying. We were even told it was used regularly by people involved with assisted suicide.”

‘Beyond: Love Within’ will be released in August.

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