The Stellar Economist, Pick-the-kitty, is Wrong Again

It’s quite interesting and charming, that the economists or the “leading lights” of intellectualism in our White Democracy, is flaunting its ‘rigor’ for convincing me that “class” is the underpinning for Inequality.  Of course my Indigenous Economic Manifesto is considered thoroughly irrelevant and cavalierly dismissed, but which is not going to disappear in the next 30 years. 

To wit, the obvious and inherent “conscience clause” is always first and foremost readily available for application in today’s virtually bankrupt White Democracy and where the Unassailable Fact accrues to no consequential appreciation.  As such, come this November and December, the conservative Republicans and the Conservative Democrats, will corral the requisite votes in both Chambers of Congress, along with the Oval Office, to pass legislation that will achieve our national debt total of an approximate $27 trillion.  And needless to say but I will, this debt was easily acquired since Jimmy Carter left the Oval Office in early January of 1980, and followed by five conservative presidential administrations of “big spenders.” And simultaneously, one-third of the middle class has amply disappeared and is now “safel” while ensconced in the Poverty Class and despite the thundering espousals among the conservatives for their Meme and Manners that “You’re On Your Own (the YOYO Agenda).”

Now, “What did the stellar economist  Pick-the-Kitty, get wrong again?”

And Since I am a Baby Boomer, and we will be dying-off in large measure within in the next 30 years, and the arriving Brown Democracy will “kick butt,” the Stellar Economist Pick-the-Kitty should have titled his latest book as the “Casket Maker’s Economy.”