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Commentary on “Motion to suppress shows no guilt”

I have been quietly reading myFDL since the first post about the BMB. I support Dzhokhar whether he is innocent or guilty, although I believe he is innocent, likely set up. I am very grateful for this site and a few others. I don’t know what I would do without you. There are many people like me who have quietly been supporting Dzhokhar, and praying for him. There is more support than you think, but not everyone is computer literate or has the need or confidence to actually join in. It’s taken me over a year.

The bombing happened on my birthday and I watched the coverage  all week. It seemed clear to me that something was not right. When Dzhokhar was in the boat being shot at, and later taken to hospital, and I watched people lining  the streets cheering and waving flags, that a 19 year old suspect was captured and now in critical condition, something happened inside me. It was a feeling of such profound sadness, injustice, and disbelief that LE and ordinary people were so happy about what had just happened to a young American citizen. The secrecy, corruption, media conviction and cruelty inflicted on Dzhokhar that has followed every day since, is so shocking and profoundly disturbing that it supports my belief that he is innocent. If he were guilty there would be no need for all of this . Doc 295 really says it all. I may not post often, but I’m here. Thank you so much for being here.


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