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Well, there was some churn at House Boxturtle last night and the end result is I have two new kittens who were probably removed from their mother a week or so too soon and very little time to put together this post. So you get what you pay for this time!

Fukushima Update:

Tepco underestimated Cs-137 released by 150%. What a shock. Odds are that underestimation is consistent through all their estimates. Same study estimate the North American exposure at 400TBq.

Is this caused by radioactives stressing marine immune systems?

They have removed 53% of the fuel assemblies from the #4 SFP. This puts them slightly ahead of schedule with no announced problems. Good. They are getting the easy ones first, however, and some of those rods have to be damaged, the lifting crane dropped into the pool.

They are working on the #3 SFP now. This could well be in the worst shape of any of them. The link gives details on how much debris they’ve already removed. We’ll get a better idea of rod condition once they’ve got the fuel handling crane removed.

With their new states secrets law in place, Japan begins the war on reporting. Starting with 47 year old single mother who made a critical tweet.

The current theory is that kitty litter caused the WIPP explosion. This is actually a reasonable theory, but the problem is that there are a LOT more casks with the different kitty litter. This is low level waste, so you’d think the best plan would be to unload and repack the containers. But instead the plan seems to be get all of those containers into a common storage area and then quickly seal them off. WTF are in those casks, anyway? And since they’re almost certainly going to burst given time, how will they NOT emit radiation to the outside like last time?

This may close WIPP for three years. There is speculation that more than one drum exploded.

Given that cancer is going to be more common in our brave new world, this is good news. We really ought to be spending more resources to see what nature has given us.

New supercapacitor seriously increases energy density. Important, because these give us much faster recharge times and much greater discharge energy for our electronic devices, including possibly cars. Big knock against pure electric cars is the recharge times are measured in hours.

Partisan media is driving a wedge between people on science subjects.

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