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Eastern Ukraine Referendum: Questions for Mainstream ‘News’

Posted at the once liberal and vaguely social democratic but now neo-liberal and neoconservative Guardian, at one time (perhaps?) a news service but now just another of the important mainstream propaganda sites:

What is wrong with having a democratic referendum on autonomy, on a federal rather than ‘Kiev controls all’ governmental structure for Ukraine? Why are pro-federalists called ‘pro-Russians’?

Why is it that the sponsors of the Kiev coup, we heard Victoria Nuland and the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine on the phone choosing the after-coup prime minister, aren’t subject to sanctions? Why aren’t we discussing sanctions for those providing massive economic and on-the-ground military support for the illegally installed junta?

What is wrong with opposing a government that openly employs armed fascists and neo-Nazis (Right Sector and Svoboda) in its National Guard? That employs tanks and heavy weapons against unarmed civilians (as anyone who can watch a youtube video can see)?

Why is the government that is explicitly and excruciatingly not involved in Ukraine unrest being subject to sanctions and asked to back its military 100s of miles away from its own border?

P.S. – Wow, this comment has more than doubled my previous ‘best’ at the Guardian: 280 recommends and counting. Never been a ‘Guardian Pick’ though, I have a clean record in that regard.

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