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Pull Up a Chair: Hanging Baskets

Now *this* is a hanging basket

Around here Mother’s Day is the day it’s safe to start planting outside. I love hanging baskets and I especially like the lush overstuffed style with way too many plants – like in the photo above.

There are a couple tricks to successful hanging baskets; first off, don’t use garden soil, use a potting mix – it’s all about the soil structure, airspace and drainage. And secondly, because the basket is up in the air it will dry out faster than a container sitting on the porch or patio, so you will have to water more frequently. And if you decide to use more than one type of plant, choose plants that are similar in growing requirements. It won’t do to try to grow hens & chicks with fuchsias, for example, or shade plants with sunlovers. Commonsense, people!

The basket pictured uses a mesh/wire basket, which is probably lined with sphagnum moss and the plants are niched in all over, but it’s easy to get great overflowing results with a basic pot. And you aren’t restricted to flowers, hanging baskets are for veggies too, like cheery cherry tomatoes. WikiHow or the Royal Horticulture Society offer more detail if you need it.

What are you planting this year?

Photo by Tony Austin under Creative Commons license

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