People–hold on–don’t jump to conclusions about Dzhokhar’s statements in the Motion to Suppress. It shows no admission of guilt. First my appreciation to Woodybox–you’re a steady source I trust. Thank you–I totally agree Dzhokhar is innocent from 10 months of study of the evidence–the problem is we don’t have a whole narrative laid out from the beginning that lays this all out–it’s devastating when it’s all put together and there are people working on that. It’s all there from the April 18 press briefing set- up and all the doctored photos and the lies and so on and on–and I’m sure we’ll have a long alternative narrative that sets this all out soon. But here I’m addressing Dzhokhar’s statements about the bombings to the Fed team as reported in the Motion to Suppress Statements.

As a preliminary but not my main argument, is the fact that LE has unfairly obtained thousands of false confessions by many different means under many different circumstances and Dzhokhar’s statements are in that category. In fact we have false confessions related to his case involving his friends who have been unjustly imprisoned. Also the lawyers are not arguing the substance of the statements–whether true or false-they can’t do that here–but the means by which they were gained and the issue of whether they were voluntary or coerced.

My own take is this. Fear primarily, in addition to all the other factors of Dzhokhar’s condition the lawyer outlined, is what motivated his statements to the Fed team that interrogated him. All the evidence shows the brothers were set up–and at some point Dzhokhar became aware of this–probably at the shootout where they yelled–we give up, we give up we didn’t do it we didn’t do it. After he was pulled from the boat his throat was slit–I believe a gun was put in his mouth and fired also–but evidence in the photos shows his throat was slit after he was out of the boat. He knew he was a patsy who had to be silenced–killed. The Feds stopped the medics from taking him into the hospital and took him in themselves. He almost died and after surgery was in critical condition, weakened, traumatized, brain injured, and totally exhausted and on heavy narcotic pain medication.

Now into your hospital room where you are intubated and handcuffed to the bed railings in this physical and mental state come a number of Federal officials who represent the forces that are trying to kill you–silence you as a threatening patsy who could talk. What would you do? I contend that as defenseless as Dzhokhar was at that point he was motivated by fear and survival in telling these dangerous men what they wanted to hear–at least in part–without outright confessing. Telling them there were no more bombs and later something about how they made them (there’s no evidence he and Tamerlan ever made any bombs) all the things that go into false confessions–like Todashev’s partial “confession” with details that were totally wrong for the killings.

What can we expect Dzhokhar could do in a situation like that? Say to these guys I’m totally innocent, I’m a patsy you guys set up. I contend he was afraid for his life in his totally helpless situation soon after he’d had a couple hundred rounds of ammunition shot into the boat where he was hiding unarmed and had his throat slit after he was pulled out (and I believe shot in the mouth). Saying he was innocent was a sure way to be in further danger and he’s no dummy. Survive now to tell the truth later–say as little as possible to make them go away–notice they never got him to write or sign a confession–because their interrogation amounted to torture–sleep deprivation of a critically injured person–and the stress of their interrogation–we don’t know how it went down because they deliberately didn’t record it–how threatening and frightening it was. People have made false confessions in far less traumatic and threatening situations.

So people don’t panic about those statements Dzhokhar made in this situation–the evidence is all in his favor in a fair trial (which is unlikely in this hysterical indoctrinated country but we have to make that happen with our information and voices for justice). The FACTS are all in favor of Dzhokhar’s innocence and his being set up by the Feds from April 18th on. A new narrative finally pulling together all these facts and exposing the Feds set up will make that much more clear and must get out so that people can see the whole picture in this case not just pieces of real information and all the lies and disinformation the government spews out. Then people will have a better grounding to see through all the lies in this case and understand what his statements to the Feds were all about.


Barbara Burris

Barbara Burris