Here at the MyFDL, I have followed and read, diligently, Jon Walker with his particularized zeal and zest for addressing the Battle of Marijuana and all that this entails.  Therefore, my Kudos and Congrats to Jon for his hard work.
Further, my interest is marijuana has always been two-fold.  At present, the University of Arizona, Tucson, will be conducting research, both in leaf and vapor form and done in order to measure the impact on military vets that comes from  PSTD.

Eventually, the medical research industry will get around to applying their proverbial skill set and where marijuana mixed with water will create a liquid form that can be directly applied to the skin and which addresses the pain that comes from arthritis.  As such, this ‘indigenous’ Patent has existed for millennia, but never “covered” under any federal laws that enables the medical industry to make a few extra bucks.  And this particularized tangent,  I don’t get any “royalties” from  Taco Bell, either.

But “this” time will soon arrive, and lucky for the non-indigenous person.  And if you currently suffer from arthritis, be so advised that I am not a medical  doctor, but I am practical person when it comes the acculturation and assimilation of the Multiplicity or of our Indigenous Variety.

Picture from Tomas de Aquino licensed under Creative Commons