The best thing to do with a bad mood is to share it

Miserable Morning to all!!

I’m Boxturtle and I’m your server today. Don’t worry about looking at a menu, everybody gets the Chef’s Special: Annoyance. With a side of Irritation. You’re probably allergic to it, but eat it anyway.

First, you probably read about the Supreme court decision allowing prayer in town council meetings. In Oklahoma, it’s being hailed as upholding “one of the oldest parts of local governance.”

My goodness, that reactor #3 explosion was powerful. Pieces of core detected 10,000km away in Europe. More evidence that the different explosion at #3 was not a hydrogen explosion on the outside of the RPV but a nuclear transient inside the RPV.

The WIPP accident was some some sort of chemical explosion and it’s suspected that something from Los Alamos was the source. All shipments of low level waste from there are suspended. You don’t get Plutonium and Americium counts like has been reported with low level waste. Geez, does anything truthful get reported anymore that DOESN’T involve Bieber or Miley?

Columbus, OH has an excellent zoo and they rarely lose a tax levy. They lost one this week, thanks to intervention from an out of state Koch group, Americans for Prosperity. Pound the tax levies that are too local to raise enough money to counter them seems to be the strategy. Got a zoo in or near your town?

Donald Rumsfield is STILL not in prison. Alberto Gonzales is now Dean of Belmont University Law school. Dick Cheney is still free, though Nancy Pelosi blames him for torture. Kettle. Pot. Black.

Remember Ariel Castro? One of the girls he held prisoner had nobody, nobody stepped up and she ended up at an assisted living facility.

The GOP wants to give us another Bush. Or a Rubio. Both of who lose spectacularly in a matchup against Hillary. But it’s really the thought that annoys me.

Ohio lost about 40% of it’s honeybee population. That’s probably typical. Honey will be even more expensive. Once again, I recommend farmers market honey or direct from the beekeeper. Here’s why.

A tropical fungus has colonized trees on Vancouver Island CANADA. It is contagious to humans, and is spreading southward. Been reported (unverified) in Northern Oregon. Nothing to do with climate change, however.

Are you angry yet?

Boxturtle (The meal is free, the tums are $25.00 per tablet)