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International Politics


– Pew: 77 percent of Ukrainians want to remain unified. Specifically, more in the western area support it than in the eastern. Yet 41 percent in Ukraine support Ukrainian as the country’s official language.

– Malala Yousafzai explains to CNN how important it is to find the missing girls in Africa since they are her “missing sisters

– More on the U.S. media’s role of following the government on what is happening inUkraine and then writing their story without critically thinking

– Chinese media says talks are developing between China, the U.S. and Russia on a high-speed railway from China to the U.S.

– The Treasury Department sanctions six Syrian officials and one Russian bank for supporting Bashar al-Assad

Middle East

– Syria may be complicated with different state and non-state actors, but there are so many victims suffering in the country who must be defended

– Juan Cole: “Is Fall of Homs a turning point in Regime’s Quest to Retake Syria?

– Meanwhile, rebels blew up a hotel in Aleppo functioning as a barracks for government troops and killed a number of soldiers inside

– Susan Rice went to Israel to talk with Israeli officials, including Benjamin Netanyahu, on how they want to prevent Iran’s (fictional) development of nuclear weapons

– A number of attacks across Iraq—including a car bombing—left 15 people dead

– The Yemeni government announces its troops have taken over bases from al Qaeda


– Boko Haram does not have strong ties with al Qaeda as their structure is not part of a hierarchical one with the latter on top. Meanwhile, Nigerians attacked by Boko Haram criticize the government for not helping them.

– The African National Congress won in the elections giving Jacob Zuma a chance to advance his pro-corporate agenda

– The U.S. finally fills its ambassador spot to Egypt after nine months without one

– A new report from Amnesty International reports human right abuses occuring in South Sudan

Asia and Oceania

– The president of the ferry company in South Korea, where hundreds of students sank to their deaths, was arrested for knowing the ferry had too much cargo, which potentially could cause it to sink

– An FBI agent was arrested for boarding a plane in Pakistan with weapons, a knife and a 9mm handgun

– Militants in Pakistan used a roadside bomb to kill nine troops, while they killed another in a separate attack


– Separatists in eastern Ukraine ignore Putin’s call to delay secession vote and decide to go on it anyway

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The Harper administration in Canada deems aid groups assisting Palestinians requiring aid as supporters of terrorism, while they reward Israeli organizations supporting apartheid in Palestine

– Medea Benjamin interviews Luis Roberto Zamorra Bolanos, a practicing lawyer who successfully sued Costa Rica for joining George Bush’s coalition in Iraq

– After police raided a student camp in Venezuela, one officer was shot dead in clashes

Surveillance Planet

– In what should be good news (not bad as this article wants to suggest), police officers in London will walk with cameras to film all the actions they do on the job

– Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras: “Taking on America’s Runaway Surveillance State

– Lawmakers in Germany agree to invite Snowden to testify on surveillance programs and their effects

– President Vladimir Putin forced bloggers to register their information with the government, but America has a system similar to it with some differences

– Politicians in the UK argued for more oversight for spy agencies as they commit abuse of power

– New emails found the relationship between Google and the NSA extremely close with Eric Schmidt and Keith Alexander being friendly with one another

– Glenn Greenwald writes on Keith Alexander’s recent interview with journalist Christopher Joye—which Kevin Gosztola covered yesterday—that seemed more like a PR piece rather than an interview

Financial Matters

– Mark Weisbrot: “With Friends Like the IMF and EU, Ukraine Doesn’t Need Enemies

– Dean Baker reflects on the correction of economists Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff by a group of economists last year and its significance in the economic field

Labor’s a-Brewing

– A Wal-Mart employee gives her account of living with a low-wage job with high costs as President Obama is set to visit the store where she works

– At a stadium in Brazil, a worker was electrocuted to death as he installed communication equipment

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: 30 percent of registered voters will vote in the midterm elections as a vote to oppose President Obama’s recent actions

– Despite recent issues over privacy, Silicon Valley still will provide financial support for President Obama and the Democrats

– Activist Kevin Zeese asserts the FCC should uphold Net Neutrality and make internet speeds faster

– The progressives in the Democratic Party want to mobilize with actions to get a chance of victory in November

Anytown USA

– Gallup: Residents in Utah are the most likely, out of all the states, to denote more money and time to charity

– Amy Goodman: “Solitary Confinement Is Not the Answer

– Oklahoma rules stay of execution for a death row inmate as it investigates the death of Clayton Lockett

– The case of Cecily McMillan exposes the system’s process to get another victim with a disfigured version of justice; Meanwhile, nine jurors pen a letter to the judge asking that McMillan not to be jailed

– Prisoners in New Jersey, if a new bill passes, will be able to vote in elections. The catch is it is only available to veterans.

– Richard Sherman, the cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, discuss how racism is still present in contemporary society and in the NFL

– Whoa. Residents in Albuquerque, Arizona New Mexico attempt to arrest the police chief after the enormous amount of police brutality in the city

We Don’t Need No Education

– In California, according to a new study, more than 500,000 students go to school near fields sprayed with large amounts of pesticides

– $713 million. That’s how much the Afghanistan War has cost (so far), which is 10 times more than the overall college debt in America. Free higher education is feasible and necessary.

– Students in 19 countries demand the orthodox teachings of economics—primarily neoliberalism—be changed to allow more unorthodox schools of thought as the current paradigm is useless. I wholeheartedly agree.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The myriad of warnings of escalating food prices leading to social unrest are now unfolding across the globe

– According to the Census Bureau, more Americans are riding their bikes to work with more than 750,000 on their bikes

– Deer are suffering from chronic wasting disease, which state and federal governments are failing to address

– Vermont is now the first state in the nation requiring food to have labels on them stating if they are genetically modified or not

The Second Sex

– Activists shift their efforts from the successful pressure on Google to Yahoo! on misleading advertisements about abortion and on crisis pregnancy centers

A quick roundup by Mother Jones of laws throughout the U.S. restricting women’s reproductive rights

– Northeastern University failed to prosecute a student who committed rape against a female student and got out without any major punishments 

Planet Earth 

– Journalist and regular FDL contributor Steve Horn and First Nations activist Clayton Thomas-Muller discuss the politics behind Keystone XL and its strategic importance by both energy companies and governmental organizations

– The Department of Energy gives three grants totaling $141 million for offshore wind power

– A new report found corporations are making an effort to focus on climate change, yet it certainly is not without major flaws

– Two years ago, residents in Bayou Corne, Louisiana had to evacuate after a salt mine collapsed. Today, they still cannot return.

– The Department of Transportation announced new regulations for trains carrying volatile crude oil

– An 6.4 earthquake struck the coast of Mexico, but thankfully no injuries or major destruction were reported

– A new report out found the Alberta oil sands feature the most risk and investment for oil

Mixed Bag

– Despite researchers finding 14 new species of frogs, they found the frogs near extinction

– Jaime Kilstein: “Dear serial tweet-favoriter: You are a coward

– CNN, one of America’s most beloved news organizations, asks in a poll on the missing MH370 plane whether aliens or time travelers were involved. Gosh, I did not know this is what journalists spend all day doing.

Break Time

Moment of Truth

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.