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Day Trip the 100

In Episode 1×08, it’s a “Day Trip” for Bellamy and Clarke – don’t order the nuts

Aired May 7, 2014 on the CW Network. Produced by Jae Marchant. Co Producers: Tracy Bellomo, Kira Snyder. Producers: T.J. Brady & Rasheed Newson. Consulting Producer: Matt Miller.  Supervising Producer: Dean White.  Co-Executive Producer: Bruce Miller.  Executive Producers: Jason Rothenberg, Leslie Morgenstein, Gina Girolamo, Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain.  Developed by Jason Rothenberg from the book by Kass Morgan.  Teleplay by Sara Fain & Elizabeth Craft from a story  by Andrei Haq.  Directed by Matt Barber.

When last we left the earth settlers, the attempt by Bellamy, Clarke and Olivia to torture the Grounder to induce him to say which remedy would save Finn from a knife wound was for naught.  Octavia wounded herself with the same knife, betting the Grounder wouldn’t let her die, and he didn’t. Finn was healed.  Team Torture failed to have that self-reflective moment where they realized they all looked pretty foolish.

Episode 1×08: Day Trip **SPOILERS**

The 100 1x08 Bellamy

Bellamy appears to be coming to terms with his own moral culpability in torturing the  Grounder, and just as he did when Atom was dying, finds that it’s a whole lot harder to kill people than he thought.

Not only can the settlers communicate with the Arc they can now Skype with them I guess (that clever Raven!) And despite the anger of parents who are learning their kids are dead, Bellamy refuses to kill the prisoner.

Clarke is all “gal in charge” when she Skypes the Council, worried that the settlers will all freeze before the next ship arrives. Kane has discovered a supply depot not far from where they landed and suggests she explore it — over the objections of new council member Diane Sydney (Kate Vernon from “Battlestar Galactica”).

Clarke is still bitter at her mother for joining with the Chancellor Jaha to kill her father, and refuses his entreaties that the two reconcile.  She leaves the tent to tag the next kid in line, Dax, who expects to find his mother Skyping but instead finds Commander Shumway (Terry Chen from “House of Cards”) waiting to speak to him.

Shumway offers to make sure Dax’s mom is on the next ship to earth if he will kill Bellamy Blake.  Since Shumway’s the guy who put Bellamy up to shooting the Chancellor in exchange for a seat with his sister on the drop ship (Episode 1.06), he’s got a few loose ends to clean up.  (He seems to speak without fear of being overheard, so no NSA on the Arc I guess.)

Clarke asks Bellamy to go with her on a day trip to search for the supply depot.  “I don’t want to be around anyone I like right now” she says, in the week’s top moment of non-self awareness. Bellamy agrees to go with and starts stuffing massive amounts of supplies in his bag like an angry squirrel prepping for winter.  “A lot can happen in a day” he says.

Before she leaves Clarke pops her head in and checks on recovering patient Finn.  She hasn’t forgiven him for treating her like a hollaback girl. When he learns Bellamy is going with her on the day trip he wigs out, but I’m sure this had nothing to do with why she asked Bellamy to go.  At least in her own mind.

As Clarke and Bellamy leave the camp, Dax furtively follows.

The 100 1x08 Grounder Octavia

With Bellamy out of the way, little sis will play.  Octavia has steadfastly planted herself outside the capsule where the Grounder is being held, despite Bellamy’s refusal to let her talk to him.  When his guard leaves to Skype the Arc, she furtively climbs up to see him.

Octavia apologizes that Bellamy has kept her away — “he’s a total dick, but you probably already figured that out.”  The Grounder tells her his name is Lincoln.  (Do I sense an E Pleb Neesta moment coming on?)  Yes, he speaks the English. When he dies he wants Octavia to remember him, because “this only ends one way.”

On the search for the supply depot, Clarke encourages Bellamy to confront Jaha before the first drop ship arrives from the ARc.  Bellamy is understandably reluctant.  “I shot the man Clarke,” he says.  “He’s not just going to forgive and forget.”

Olivia and Octavia get into it over Olivia torturing Lincoln.  Olivia defends her actions — “Finn was dying.”  “It must suck to come all the way down here and find out your boyfriend is into somebody else” taunts Octavia.

Finn decides it’s time to tell Olivia what happened with Clarke.  She says she knows and she’s not interested, but is definitely ready to reclaim her territory.  She pretty much  jumps on top of him.  The wishy-washy Finn says he loves her and just goes for it.  (Wasn’t he dying this time last week?)

Bellamy and Clarke find the depot hatch that leads underground.  Inside they find dead bodies no food, but guns — jackpot!

Back at camp, everyone has been eating nuts to survive.  Jasper and Monty are acting really strange and having visions.  Uh oh — psychedelic nuts.

The savy Octavia realizes everyone at camp is tripping balls and gives some of the nuts to Lincoln’s guard as a peace offering.

Bellamy teaches Clarke how to handle a gun.  Sadly his bullets are duds, but hers work.  “That was amazing” she says as she fires at the target.  She realizes that all the rations Bellamy took means he never intended to go back to camp and intends to run.

[In the book Bellamy always intended to run off with Octavia once they reached earth, but there’s a hitch in his plans when the grounders kidnap Octavia, and that’s how the book ends.]

Then they break out the hallucinogenic nuts.

Bellamy’s psychedlic demons appear in the form of Jaha, who berates him for his responsibility in the deaths of the 320 who were “culled” after he destroyed the radio that would have told the Arc that the earth was survivable.

Monty bursts in on Olivia and Finn basking in romantic afterglow, seemingly obvivious.  “I can’t change the tied if the moon won’t cooperate” he rants.  They emerge from the tent to see the entire camp tripping like it was Coachella. They figure out it’s the nuts and start throwing them away and keeping people calm till they come down.

Clarke’s internal demons are much less malevolent than Bellamy’s after nut ingestion.  She sees her gun start to bend under the influence of the acid nuts and she sees her dead dad, who tells her she has to forgive her mother.  “Everyone is counting on me and it’s so hard” she says in yet another moment of whining, self-indulgent pity. (Note to writers:  she gets waaay too many of these.)

As Clarke starts to come back to her senses Dax comes up behind her with a gun and hits her in the head.


While Lincoln’s guard is tripping too, Octavia gives Lincoln a hoodie and sneaks him out of the camp, but not before they share a Montague/Capulet kiss.  On his way out of the camp Lincoln locks eyes with Finn (who knew Lincoln saved Octavia and blew the horn that called the Grounders off as they were about to attack a settler party).  Finn recognizes him but lets him go.

Bellamy has the ghosts of the 320 dead from the Arc lurching at him like the Walking Dead.  “Kill me please” says Bellamy, taking out a gun.  Psychedelic Jaha kicks him and says “life is a fight, don’t you know?”  “You want the peace of death?  You’re going to have to earn it  Fight back!”  Jaha tells him.

Bellamy comes to and sees that it’s not Jaha but Dax standing over him with a gun.  Clarke gets the drop on Dax who explains that all he wants to do is kill Bellamy, he doesn’t want to kill her.  Bellamy confesses Schumway gave him the gun to kill the Chancellor and now he’s contracted Dax to get rid of him and keep the story silent. Clarke’s bullets are duds so while she tries to un-jam her gun Bellamy and Dax go at it mano-a-mano.  Bellamy finally gets his first kill by jamming Dax in the jugular with an ejected bullet.

Bellamy breaks down and says he’s not okay — his mother raised him to be better man than this and he’s become a monster.  Clarke says she forgives him but he’s got to come back and face the music.  “Like you’re gonna face your mother?” he says.  (Touche.)


Bellamy and Clarke return to the post-hallucinogenic camp with the weapons, but no more of this “we do whatever the hell we want to do” — tomorrow they start training everyone on how to use them.

Bellamy finds Octavia Capulet pining for Lincoln Montague, offers her a blanket and asks if she had anything to do with the grounder’s escape.  She denies it.

Bellamy joins Clarke on a Skype with Chancellor Jaha.  Clarke says that basically Jaha sent them all down there to die and Bellamy kept them alive, so maybe they should think about pardoning him.”  Jaha says “it’s not that simple.”

“It is” says Bellamy “If you want to know who on the Arc wants you dead.”

“Bellamy Blake, you are pardoned for your crimes” says Jaha.

Finn flips out on Clarke when he learns that she put guns in Bellamy’s hands, since the Grounder saved Octavia’s life and Bellamy brought him back to camp to torture him and Finn considers him a bit of a psychopath.  (Well, he does have a  point.)   “I trust him,” says Clarke, whose judgements have been a bit emo and compromised of late.

Back on the Arc, Shumway is seized by guards and thrown into a holding cell. He thinks the cavalry has come to rescue him when Councillor Sydney arrives, only to have one of the guards slice open his vein in an “assisted suicide.”

Another loose end tied up.

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