The so called “Tea Party” movement’s brand continues to deteriorate. The number of Americans who say they support the Tea Party is down to only 22 percent while 30 percent of Americans say they oppose it. These are the worst numbers for the Tea Party since Gallup started asking about it. From Gallup:

Americans' Tea Party Affiliation

Currently, only 41 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters say they support the Tea Party and it would appear this turn away from the movement is seen in the big primary fights this years. While in 2010 and 2012 there were several conservative outsiders who won big primaries, that is looking much less likely this cycle. In the North Carolina Senate race the establishment choice, Thom Tillis, easy won the nomination. The more establishment choices lead in the Georgia primary and in the Kentucky primary Sen. Mitch McConnell is looking safer.

I suspect two things are eroding support for the Tea Party brand. Criticism of its positions have hurt its image, and with the Republican establishment having moved right on several issues during Obama’s term regular Republican voters probably see less of a point for its existence.

Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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