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Key Christie Strategist Subpoenaed In Bridgegate Probe

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Michael DuHaime, one of Governor Chris Christie’s key strategists, has been subpoenaed by the New Jersey Legislative committee investigating the illegal lane closures on the George Washington Bridge or Bridgegate. DuHaime was previously cited in Christie’s own report as being a link between various figures involved in Bridgegate and may be able to reveal more details about what role Governor Christie himself played in ordering the lanes closed.

The committee has subpoenaed documents from DuHaime saying “The subpoena is part of the committee’s continued, bipartisan investigation into the lane closings and apparent abuse of government power.”

DuHaime’s lawyer, though seemingly agreeing to provide the documents, struck back at the committee as part of a partisan plot.

The committee is spearheaded by Democrats, and Marc Mukasey, who was hired by DuHaime’s firm several weeks ago, suggested the subpoenas are politically motivated

“That simple fact, plus the fact that Mike offered to cooperate without need of a subpoena, gives us great concern that this is really about politics and the chairman’s political future. That would be unfortunate, to say the least.”

Trying to polarize the Bridgegate issue with charges of partisanship has been a continued tactic among Christie loyalists, but given the general revulsion among the public to the act of shutting down one of the busiest bridges in the world most New Jersey Republican legislators begrudgingly agree to keep the investigation going.

Recently a Christie aide, Christina Renna, testified before the committee and painted a picture of a highly politicized governor’s office and said that Bridget Kelly, the woman Governor Christie tried to blame for Bridgegate, was not a “decision maker.” A view many agree with which leaves the question open as to who in the governor’s office actually gave the order to close the lanes.

If Bridget Kelly did not give the order, who did?

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.