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Masked gardeners encourage US soldiers to tune in, turn on, drop out of the war machine.

Tonight’s video is “The Case of the Missing Fractals” from TED-Ed.

A bump on the head, a mysterious femme fatale and a strange encounter on a windswept peak all add up to a heck of a night for Manny Brot, Private Eye. Watch as he tries his hand at saving the dame and getting the cash! Shudder at the mind-bending geometric riddles! Thrill to the stunning solution of The Case of the Missing Fractals.

Potheads have been encouraging other ‘heads to sew their seeds for years, but few take things as far as a recent group of activists in Italy. Members of the No Dal Molin movement entered a US army base in Vicenza, Italy and spread 200,000 cannabis seeds.

From Vice:

According to a press release on its website, 50 members of the Italian No Dal Molin movement broke into the US installation at Fontega on May 1. They then scattered the marijuana, as well as tomato and corn seeds, on the hillside ‘to liberate our land from the foundations of war.’ No Dal Molin is an anti-war group formed during the 2000s to protest the construction of a new US base at Vicenza’s Dal Molin airport, which the group opposes for both political and environmental reasons.

A video and pictures posted on their Facebook page show members of the group, some wearing Guy Fawkes masks, cutting through a chain-link fence, spray painting slogans, and scattering seeds throughout the area. ‘What the proponents hope to achieve within the perimeter of barbed wire is the largest US military presence in Europe — ready to intervene rapidly in any new theater of war that could open in Africa, the Middle East, or in Eastern Europe,’ states No Dal Molin’s website.

[…] Organizers of the No Dal Molin Movement do not plan stopping at just planting seeds — they plan to hold a harvest festival in October once the marijuana plants are grown.

Maybe next they can find a way to give the soldiers LSD

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Photo by Frederik Hermann released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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