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Hey folks, it’s Wednesday today. How are you?

International Politics


– Despite mainstream news organization claiming there are no neo-Nazi supporters in Ukraine, recent developments forced the issue

– Gareth Porter: “U.N. Probe Chief Doubtful on Syria Sarin Exposure Claims

– Russia suggests autonomy vote in eastern Ukraine should be delayed because of recent events between military and separatists. In addition, Putin announced Russia’s troops on the Ukrainian border have pulled back

– Pentagon: We have troops heading into Nigeria for kidnapped girls, but we don’t have any plans

Middle East

– Israeli President Shimon Peres stated he had a peace plan three years ago with Palestine, but it was blocked by Benjamin Netanyahu

– The State Department closes its embassy in Yemen for fear of an attack by al-Qaeda-tied forces 


– Juan Cole: “Boko Haram and the Lord’s Resistance Army: Hunted Children & the Problem of Fundamentalism in Africa

– We cannot do anything to get the girls in Nigeria back and the people who have the power to do so, powerful Western governments, are too inept to do so

– Just one judge in a single court in Egypt sentenced more people to death than the entire world executed last year (except China).

– Reporters Without Borders say Libya is a volatile place where journalists are constantly under threat

– Major agricultural businesses are confiscating land in Africa for their own financial benefit. If Marx’s primitive accumulation comes to mind, then it goes to show this will not end well.

– Boko Haram killed at least 300 in a marketplace in Nigeria and then lit houses on fire

– A number of factors—from military conflict to drought—increases potential of mass hunger in Somalia says UN

Asia and Oceania

– Yingluck Shinawatra will step down from office after a court finds her guilty of abuse of power as prime minister in Thailand.


– In France, Chinese police officers will be patrolling to protect rich Chinese civilians from attacks; The perks of capitalism.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Federal police officers in Brazil threatened to go on strike if they do not get better pay and better working conditions

Surveillance Planet

– A U.S. official told Newsweek Israel spies more on American industries than any other ally, which is alarming

Financial Matters

– Continuing from yesterday, professor William K. Black explains there is no evidence the Department of Justice is serious about prosecuting large financial institutions even if they break serious laws; Glen Ford discusses this further here.

– Robert Reich: “The Six Principles of the New Populism (and the Establishment’s Nightmare)

– The White House eliminates special trading benefits for Russia because, as they say, the country is far too advanced and recent developments in Ukraine; I’m sure it’s just Ukraine

– A venture capitalist in Silicon Valley proposed breaking up California into six states because the government is forcing them to do things like “slavery“; Glad to see you can make millions by being inane

– The attempt by American corporation Pfizer (who wants to be British) to buy AstraZeneca is just one example of multinational corporations moving to countries with a low tax rate to avoid high ones

– Alibaba, a major Chinese internet company, files for an IPO in the U.S., which is attracting major companies for the huge sale

Labor’s a-Brewing

– In reaction to Seattle proposing a $15/hour minimum wage (which has flaws), Slate publishes a piece against it and calls it a bad idea. David Dayen argues Jordan Weissmann is wrong to suggest it will negatively affect Seattle.

– New rules in Los Angeles allow for “labor peace agreements” that must restrict any protests or demonstrations

Politics US

Washington USA

A new poll found Americans prefer a Supreme Court that does not allow decisions like Citizens United or McClutcheon and they support, across the political spectrum, reforms to the Court

– Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV): The Koch Brothers are “waging a war against anything that protects the environment.”

– With the victory in the GOP Primary for Thom Tillis (whose rhetoric could match Benito Mussolini), it bolsters the individualistic right-wing

– Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) introduces a bill in the Senate to help students refinance their student debt with lower rates

– Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) asks Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen whether the U.S. is an oligarchy. Yellen does not answer this, but explains there is massive inequality to address.

– With the lawsuit challenging NDAA’s indefinite military detention section not going to the Supreme Court, protection of rights as upheld by U.S. courts is gone

– Protesters made a camp outside the FCC’s headquarters to advocate for net neutrality

Anytown USA

– A district court judge rules an anti-corruption inquiry into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) and right-wing groups cannot go forward because of free speech.

– Attorney Kevin Zeese discusses with The Real News Cecily McMillan’s case and how the defense was prevented from showing photos of the officer attacking McMillan

– In Texas, a prisoner scheduled to be executed sued Texas to find out what drug will be used after the botched execution in Oklahoma

– Joshua Holland explains the basics of net neutrality and what is currently happening around its potential end

– California Governor Jerry Brown (D) wants a “rainy day” fund with budget surplus money in case another financial crisis comes (there’s a good chance it’ll happen), but this does not tackle the issue of poverty and inequality in the state

– Chris Christie’s rejection of a new commuting tunnel was called a “disaster” by Amtrak’s CEO since the one of the Hudson tunnels will need to be closed some time in the next 20 years

– A new report found false confessions in death penalty cases could be avoided if suspects were recorded when questioned

We Don’t Need No Education

– Stanford University announces it will divest $18.7 billion from coal-mining companies, the first major victory in this movement

– Amherst College bans off-campus fraternities and sororities due to fears of sexual assaults

Top Gun (Stories)

– Hillary Clinton told an audience at a conference the U.S. had a problem with its gun culture 

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Despite the federal government doing their best to curb heroin overdoses and addictions, the FDA just approved a drug with more potential for abuse than OxyContin

– A deadly pathogen is killing starfish in the Pacific and scientists are baffled on the origin of it

– In Brazil, residents with high rents are being evicted because they live near a World Cup stadium, which they blame for their trouble

The Second Sex

– Pew: Nearly 10 percent of women with higher education are stay-at-home mothers

– An article I definitely recommend on how women, specifically transgender and gender nonconforming, are harassed by police officers just for looking different.

Planet Earth 

– Former Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein asserts job creation—”The Green New Deal“—is a significant solution to the major problems with our climate

– Four months ago, residents in West Virginia had toxic chemicals in their water. Now the Environmental Protection Agency is investigating. That is a long time to wait.

– There have been events this and last year about trains carrying oil exploding, but it is an issue that does not need hindsight as the volatile compounds in oil are transported every day.

– Because CO2 levels are rising, necessary nutrients in our crops dwindle; It just gets worse and worse with each climate report

– In Denton, Texas, residents delivered a petition to City Hall to ban hydrofracking in the town

– To push for Keystone XL (the northern half), some officials are using minimum wage as an issue to push for the creation of the rest of the pipeline; Utterly shameful. The livelihoods of Americans are under the barrel of a gun by the elites.

Mixed Bag

– Poll: 56% Of Voters Say Country Better Off Than It Was 4 Eons Ago

– Humans share the same eyes as squids even if our evolution is not the same

Break Time


Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.