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Video: Ukrainian Women Demonstrates Amazing Bravery Against Charging Tanks

This women who stops this charging column of tanks is inspiring. Tienanmen Square? Wow! These are actual towns people, armed with nothing but their determination and bravery trying to stop the destruction of their region of the country by a very violent group of people that are in control of this country. The desire to have national elections within a couple of months of the violent overthrow of a legitimately elected government is likely to fail. If it does fail, the country will descend into long lasting civil war.

This is the default position, of the US, that Noam speaks of. First the US likes democracies whose leaders are compliant, then in descending order; compliant dictators, and if those can not be achieved then setting the country on the path of destruction through civil conflict and usually accompanied by a substantial, humanitarian bombing/military campaign. If your not compliant they will make you weak through conflict, its the next best thing to compliant and a good example for those who are thinking about non-compliance.

Iraq embroiled in conflict that was not present before we destroyed their country

Afghanistan- the same

Lybia- the same

Syria- the same

Ukraine- will be the same


Russia and China- considering the bellicose, aggressive,degrading and the continuous intentionally escalating acts/words of the US towards Russia should be of grave concern to one and all. Supported by a congress with a track record of warmongering and making  decisions like the one that led us to destroy the country of Iraq ect  it is difficult to understand how this isn’t going to be a bigger disaster than Iraq as Russia has demonstrated actual non-compliance. Remember Iraq was saying they complied, were trying and willing to comply in any way they could, but we demanded that the UN inspectors leave immediately as the inspectors had been and were continuing to prove no WMD.  over 600 unfettered inspections, not a nano-gram of WMD

The Iraq/WMD , Putin/is a mad man crazed and hell bent on taking over the world…… propaganda are the same in many ways

How many countries has Russia attacked in the last 50 years? How many countries  has the US attacked in the last 50 years? How many bases do the Russians have all over the world? The US? How many “new” bases have Russians opened in the last 50? US? How Countries is Russia occupying/ has occupied in the last 50? US? How many countries has’is Russia overtly threatening in the last 50? US?

That they would have us believe that as they travel three-quarters of the way around the world to, as much as they can, interject themselves in an overtly destabilizing way…that they are just there to help stop Russia who is a menace to world peace- I mean my god look what they did to Iraq and you want to let the Russians get away with that in Ukraine, what’s wrong with you. Your with us , or your against us.   We may even hear ” it may come in the form…………..of a mushroom cloud” Even the sheep are waking up.

This isn’t our first rodeo and with RT, New look Media,Firedog,Daily Paul, a ton of other alternative media outlets and a lot of cell phone cameras and the internet in Ukraine we excellent seats for this rodeo. We are watching.

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