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What do you think of these artworks, created by a merging of digital and actual worlds? Do they say something interesting about the nature of reality vs. art or is it just a gimmick?

A full orchestra with conductor

Better with cannabis?

More from Sploid:

Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé spends hours looking for the right place, the right light and the right moment to take his beautiful landscape pictures without having to leave his apartment. He just wanders around, waiting for the perfect snapshot, in Grand Theft Auto.

Do you enjoy classical music? Would you enjoy it more if you could get high while you listen to a full orchestra? That’s what the Colorado Symphony proposes with their Classically Cannabis series. From the Denver Post:

The concerts, organized by pro-pot promoter Edible Events, will start May 23 with three bring-your-own marijuana events at the Space Gallery in Denver’s Santa Fe arts district and culminate with a large, outdoor performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Sept. 13. The events are being billed as fundraisers for the CSO, which will curate a themed program of classical music for each show.

While acknowledging that the arrangement is unusual, even ground-breaking, CSO executive director Jerry Kern said the concerts will help the orchestra reach beyond its conservative, fine arts demographic while raising money for an organization that has struggled financially in recent years.

‘We see ourselves as connecting classical music with all of Colorado,’ said Kern. ‘Part of our goal is to bring in a younger audience and a more diverse audience, and I would suggest that the patrons of the cannabis industry are both younger and more diverse than the patrons of the symphony orchestra.’

And from the Denver Post’s Atmosphere Blog, it seems even most symphony regulars are in favor of the events.

The CSO’s frontline fans tend to be older, 60-plus, even 80-plus, and they’re as traditional as fine arts fans come. They dress up for concerts and follow a code of conduct that includes guidelines for everything from the unwrapping of hard candies to the appropriate moments for applause.

But they’re not so strict when it comes to introducing marijuana into the experience for some concert goers, especially when it might bring in badly needed revenues for their beloved orchestra.

‘If these people want to pay $75 and go to a concert and smoke, that’s great. This is going to help the symphony,’ said Deanna Leino. She’s had season tickets for 55 years […] CSO executive director Jerry Kern said the box office did experience a small but formidable backlash on April 29, the day word got out that the musicians would appear in four concerts sponsored by the cannabis industry. […] But the organization tracked the incoming calls as best it could (which it does anyway as a ticket-selling strategy) and only a handful turned out to be from subscriber or supporter databases.

And the blog post also tracks some of the clever (or not) media coverage that has surprised even symphony organizers:

The announcement did bring the CSO the kind of mainstream attention the fine arts rarely recieve in the news world. The CSO tracked 249 media hits on the story within 24 hours. Interested outlets crossed a wide range: the Los Angeles Times. NPR, ABC, Australia’s Sky News and Arab Times Kuwait, to name a few.

The puns flew in reports. The most overused phrase: ‘high note,’ started by the CSO but employed in a multitude of ways. The sneakiest: Over-repeated references to the ‘Mile High City.’ Not so clever. The most clever: ‘classical grass,’ which showed up in the headline of a story on Rolling Stone magazine’s website. Reporters continue to call, according to Kern. ‘This is the biggest P.R. event in Colorado Symphony history,’ he said.

Thanks to Kade for the link.

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Photo by Vancouver 125 – The City of Vancouver released under a Creative Commons license.

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