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The Roundup for May 6th, 2014

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Hey folks, how are you today?

International Politics


On The Real News, two professors talk about what has happened so far in Odessa, Ukraine and the role of the international community

– Even for readers not interested in cricket, this is well-crafted article by Tariq Ali on organized crime’s involvement with global cricket

– Slavoj Zizek: “Who can control the post-superpower capitalist world order?

– An Iranian official negotiating on the international agreement said there were “dark forces” seeking to put a stop to the agreement

Middle East

– Juan Cole: “Netanyahu’s Blood and Soil: The Racist-Nationalism of his “Jewish State” Ideal

– The Kurd leader in Syria asks for Turkey’s help in the battle against jihadists in Syria

– International officials and groups worry about Lebanon refusing to allow Palestinians escaping from Syria to enter as refugees


– Parents of kidnapped girls in Nigeria tell journalists the video from terrorist group Boko Haram “confirmed” their fears; Meanwhile, the first lady of Nigeria denounces protestors for the missing girls and asks to jails them

– Alleged Boko Haram gunmen took eight girls from a village, between eight to 15, while shooting 52 in another village. One girl describes her experience with the kidnappers.

– General Sisi, running in Egypt for president, claims he will go after the Muslim Brotherhood if elected

– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: The chief of rebels in South Sudan agreed to discuss a peace deal with President Salva Kiir

– The U.S. implemented economic sanctions against both sides in South Sudan

Asia and Oceania

–  North Korean defectors tell NK News, through The Guardian, what they miss the most about North Korea. Again, excellent coverage.

– Former U.S. officials fear election of Narendra Modi in India would have consequences for militants

– Yingluck Shinawatra, prime minister of Thailand, defends herself in a court case involving abuse of power

– After reports came out about contingency plans if North Korea’s government fell, China denied them as rumors; Suuuurrreeee


– Civil war may erupt in Ukraine as the situation becomes more volatile

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– In South Africa, a new party rises to move away from capitalism’s stranglehold on society and radically remake the economy

Surveillance Planet

– With more evidence turning up how the FBI used hackers for cyber attacks, what does that say about the entire executive branch?

– As a result of a U-2 spy plane flying over Los Angeles, LA air traffic control crashed; Well then…

– Julia Angwin: “Privacy Tools: Encrypt What You Can

Financial Matters

– Pew: In the U.S., Americans state it is difficult to find a job in their community as well as other pessimistic news about job prospects

– Robert Reich: “The 4 biggest right-wing lies about income inequality

– More on the brutal life Greeks have after the implementation of austerity by not only the federal government, but also the troika as well

– The White House urged business executives not to attend a global economic forum in Russia over Ukraine

– Despite Apple doing all it could to sue Samsung for copyright infringement on their smartphones, the courts handed a victory to worried consumers

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Labor organizers seek to hold protests in more than 30 countries, including the U.S., to emphasize better living conditions for workers

Politics US

Washington USA

– Pew: 56 percent of Americans favorably view the Supreme Court, which is up from 48 percent last July

– Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel asserts the U.S. military can opt for a “light footprint” option with global role

– An investigator told Congress there is a segment in the EPA blocking independent investigations for national security reasons; There are those two words again: national security

– Secretary of State John Kerry explained he will accept “whatever responsibilities” he has with Congress over Benghazi

– Glad Jon Stewart had two amazing segments against conservatives still pestering over Benghazi

Anytown USA

– Dahr Jamail: “New Mexico Governor Martinez Accused of ‘Wholesale Disregard of the Law’

– Jordan Klepper, a correspondent for The Daily Show, goes to South Carolina to find the candidate from the right opposing the candidate from the right opposing Sen. Lindsey Graham.

– A juror in Cecily McMillan’s case expressed shock at the draconian sentencing possible for McMillan

– What bothers me the most, and I am glad this article points this out, is how all of these so-called left celebrities came out to buy the Los Angeles Clippers. The way forward from this mess is the community supporting the team, not another rich person.

We Don’t Need No Education

– Gallup: A new study found the college experience shapes the future of graduates not only in their workplace, but also in life

– The politicians asking for a ranking of colleges on handling of sexual assault does not focus on the institutionalized failure on it in the first place

A new report found charter schools are irresponsible, commit fraud among other major issues

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The Food and Drug Administration warns Americans not to take aspirin if they want to use it to prevent heart disease or stroke

The Second Sex

– Despite sex workers in other countries gaining freedom to perform their work, the U.S. still restricts this work

– The NRA will turn to its newest audience to market to: mothers.

– Jessica Valenti: “Monica Lewinsky’s return to public life is brave. Are we brave enough for her?

– Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) are getting signatures from other female Senators to demand President Obama help find the missing girls in Nigeria. Obama already said he will assist.

– If you are a mother in the U.S., then you are living in a country that is 31 out of 178 according a new report based on a few factors.

A new study found women are prominent in independent film in behind-the-scenes roles, but not in major movies

Planet Earth 

A new study found the U.S. will experience not only hotter summers, but also foggier ones as well. A report from the White House stated climate change will make things way worse for our way-of-life. All of these reports seem redundant if nothing is done on climate change.

– Pew: 49 percent of Democratic voters favor construction of Keystone XL (northern half since south is already built). Interesting as Democratic voters making less than $50,000 support it by 54 percent to 34 percent

– Based on new research, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill four years ago may have killed up to 800,000 birds. Inane.

In part five of five, scientist Alan Robock discusses the future does not feature hydrofracking as an alternative source and use of coal to decrease

– As a result of a terrible drought, a town in Texas has taken extreme measures to recycle water

– With climate change persisting greatly each year, its impact will immediately hurt poorer workers in the world

Mixed Bag

– Oops. A mix-up led the NOAA and UPS sending drone parts to a college student. The bright side is how the student could use it to be in attendance for class

Break Time


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