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Over Easy: Diner Is Open!

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BoxTurtle has “the crud” today

BoxTurtle has “the crud” this morning, so let’s just put on a pot of coffee and gather for a Monday morning chat! Lurkers welcome, of course. Get better fast, BoxTurtle!

Here are a couple of things to start the discussion…

Seems like TV stations are deliberately allowing political advertisers to flout the law, and the Sunlight Foundation is going after them.

The Sunlight Foundation and the Campaign Legal Center, represented by Georgetown University Law Center’s Institute for Public Representation, are filing complaints Thursday with the Federal Communications Commission against 11 television stations for letting political advertisers flout federal disclosure requirements.


Why is it important? Because ‘Americans for Better Apple Pie’ might be your local slag heap operator. ‘Citizens for a Conservative GOP’ might be Democrats trying to sabotage the primary contender that they think has the best chance of beating their candidate in the general.

Last week Larry Lessig announced the formation of a crowdfunded SuperPAC to try to end SuperPACs — The Mayday SuperPAC. It’s a Kickstarter project and is already 43% funded, with 26 days left. There’s a website where you can contribute or read more about it.

We’ve structured this as a series of matched-contingent goals. We’ve got to raise $1 million in 30 days; if we do, we’ll get that $1 million matched. Then we’ve got to raise $5 million in 30 days; if we do, we’ll get that $5 million matched as well. If both challenges are successful, then we’ll have the money we need to compete in 5 races in 2014. Based on those results, we’ll launch a (much much) bigger effort in 2016 — big enough to win.

Facial recognition technology may be stealing our identities! This is disturbing!

Since the ability to recognise faces has long been a benchmark for artificial intelligence, developments such as Facebook’s ‘DeepFace’ technology (yes, that’s what it called it) raise big questions about the power of today’s facial recognition tools and what these mean for the future.

Look how our eaglets have grown! I watched for a bit yesterday while Dad brought a rabbit to the nest, and then a fish, and both parents proceeded to feed the eaglets and pretty much finish off the rest of the buffet dinner, and then Dad decided to pick fur off the rabbit and scatter it all over! You can still see rabbit fur, looks like it snowed in there!

What’s on your mind this morning?

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