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Adele – Rumor Has It

Hippo Birdies, Adele…!

Did Adele Just Announce Her New Album ’25? On Twitter?

It was just Adele’s birthday and she turned 26. But in a single tweet, the singer has started the internet’s gears grinding for a 25 album.

“Bye bye 25,” she Tweeted, including an endearingly goofy photo of herself in bed giving it the thumbs up. “See you again later in the year.”

Her clear-cut promise to revisit 25 is a pretty big tease that she may be releasing another age-titled album and that we can expect it this year.

It’s been three years since the record-breaking, award-winning, millions-selling 21 was released. Ryan Tedder, who worked with her on “Rumour Has It” and “Turning Tables” has confirmed he is working with Adele again on her newest album, as has Wiz Khalifa who characterized the track he worked on with Adele as “really hippie.”

And in January, Phil Collins dropped the news he was also working with Adele on new music, although it is unclear if those songs are for her next album or another project.

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