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Scenes From a Prom

The Villagers gathered this weekend to celebrate their Villagehood.

They’ve come a long way (or something) since 1920. It started “Men Only”, the cootie girl reporter had to stay home and wash her hair or something. But eventually Helen Thomas bugged President Kennedy enough that he wouldn’t go unless the women correspondents were allowed to go, too. It turned into a roast during the Reign of Reagan. And it was during the Bush II administration that the dinner really went Hollywood. As I noted this morning, it’s going Silicon Valley now, too. It’s a happening see or be scene.

Vanity Fair Prom Pics

Obscene, really, when you consider these reporters and editors should be reporting ON the White House, not frolicking with the White House. Collegiality is a wonderful thing until all that collegial lather gets in the eyes.

Chris Christie was having an especially good time. In another life, he’d be too ashamed to show his face, but no…

The White House Correspondents Association also has a page of pictures up.

Here it is in its entirety, courtesy of C-SPAN, the opening is cute, I admit.


Postscript: Who can forget Colbert’s report?

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