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Late, Late Night FDL: Another Man’s Woman

Atlanta Rhythm Section – Another Man’s Woman

R.I.P. Paul Goddard…!

Paul Goddard passes away after short illness

Atlanta Rhythm Section bassist Paul Goddard has died at the age of 68, his bandmates have confirmed.

They say he’d suffered a short, sudden illness.

The award-winning musician drew acclaim throughout his career for his style and tone. His performance in Another Man’s Woman on 1978 live album Are You Ready was listed among the five best bass solos of all time by Rolling Stone.

Founding member Goddard bowed out of the southern rock outfit in the 1980s but returned three years ago, and was reported to have been enjoying the new lease of live more than his original stint.

Vocalist Rodney Justo says: “I knew Paul when he was a guitarist – maybe that’s why his bass playing was so musical. To go with that musicality was a unique sound that made him so identifiable.

“At one time he was ‘that big fat guy that played bass.’ But once he started playing he wasn’t fat – he was a giant.”

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