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Pull Up a Chair: Caturday Edition

Buenos Dias! Two more days ’til Cinco de Mayo. Here’s four videos, who can supply the fifth for the fiestivities?

HAPPY dogs, Pharrell style

Fun at the beach, too cute not to post — and it’s appropriate for a Caturday since (imo) Kitty mans the backups like a boss. I do wonder if he’ll go along next time, though. Remarkably well behaved dogs, don’t you think?


Presenting Didga the skateboarding cat:


And here’s a rescued squirrel stopping back to visit his old cat buddy.

What’s happening with your creatures these days? My cat is enjoying the spring weather, likes sitting on the windowsill watching all the birds go by. I taught him a trick, I can get him to roll over, or at least flop over on command request. I say “Flop!” and he flops. (It’s a start.)


Sincere condolences to Marion in Savannah, she lost her Cute Stuff this week, but you know he’ll be waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge. He lived a loved life, he was lucky for that. This is dedicated to you and your cutie, Marion.


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Pull Up a Chair: Caturday Edition