Massachusetts Mafia’s Northampton Pot Dispensary Marks it Up 1200%, but Claims NO Profit  — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)




Listen to expert witness NORML founder Keith Stroup’s speech to the Massachusetts State House, above, up to 1:36. It’s from four-and-a-half years ago, when he came to Boston to tell ’em where it’s at. Here in Mass, we have this system called the “Massachusetts Mafia,” a corrupt coalition of Republican-owned businesses and the Democratic Party politicians who control the state Government.

Stroup told them that it only costs $25 an ounce to grow Marijuana, but that they can sell it for hundreds of dollars. If you look closely, you’ll see those Mafia dudes’ eyes turn to dollar signs the second he says it. And now, that’s what they’ve done.

There was one hitch: The law says it has to be non-profit. So, then, it should cost $25 dollars an ounce to these dangerously ill patients who need it to live, or to avoid blindness, right? Not a chance. The Mafia dispensary is marking its Marijuana up 1200% from the original $25, to $4,800 per pound, or $300 an ounce: Black Market Prices. Let the patients die.

The state charged applicants for licenses exorbitant amounts. Obscene, actually. I can’t even bring myself to tell you how much. They also require a quarter-of-a-million dollars to be kept in escrow. That allows lots of graft money for Governor Deval Patrick and Bribe money for his crooked incompetent Department of Public Health (DPH), money for former US Rep. Barney Frank (D-Ma), who helped them secure the license, money for the legislators with the dollar signs in their eyes, and money for every politician in sight.

There were actually legitimate non-Mafia groups that would have provided the Marijuana actually free of profit, two of them located a mere stone’s throw from the Mafia’s monstrosity. One not in Northampton was an organic farmer who is a true expert in his field already producing food with large greenhouses.

One in Northampton was a local longtime Hemp products dealer who is a true expert in his field. Another was the head of Tapestry health, which treats Heroin addicts, and other such pressing community needs. Yes, an outstanding expert who should have gotten it. The new dispensary has hired her for a patient relations post.

Oh, and the group that got it got three of them! The DPH really broke the law here: By law, they were supposed to have dispensaries open in every county two years ago. There’s not one yet, and no plan for getting one in each county. Oh, yeah, and did I tell you? – they’re just going to let the patients die (as they have done all along).

The dispensary will supposedly open September 1. I’ll be there if it does. But I won’t be holding my breath. At least not for more than three or four seconds.

The article gives common disinformation [that is now encoded into law!] about Cannabidiol (CBD), the Cannabinoid of Marijuana that’s most responsible for the stoned component of the high, rather than the psychedelic side, which comes most prevalently from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

State legislatures around the country (and now even the Federal Government) are getting high-CBD extracts to children with Epilepsy, and others seriously ill. But it would be immoral if they said how stoned the kids are going to get. Take it from somebody who’s been doing it a long time and tried it all: High-CBD Hash Oil gets you stoned to the bone! It will wipe you out. I love it, but I may be going to sleep after I smoke some.



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