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Jake Tapper Puts Out George W. Bush Puff Piece

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When it comes to politics Americans don’t seem to agree on much these days. But one thing we do all recognize is that the presidency of George W. Bush was a disaster. So disastrous even Republicans have been keeping their distance. For instance, neither Republican presidential candidate in 2008 or 2012 wanted to be publicly associated with Bush nor claimed to be in the Bush tradition because they understood how deeply unpopular Bush was among every swath of the electorate.

Though it was a presidency riddled with corruption and incompetence the most stupid and sinister of the Bush policies was the unprovoked invasion of Iraq in 2003. An aggressive war that left thousands of Americans dead, tens of thousands seriously wounded, and over 100,000 Iraqi civilians obliterated. All to neutralize weapons of mass destruction that were not there and known not to be there.

Needless to say, George W. Bush is lucky he was once president of the most powerful nation on earth or he might find himself on trial for war crimes.

So while Americans of all parties try to forget Bush and the Bush presidency like a painful traumatic memory, Jake Tapper over at CNN has decided to try and rehabilitate Bush’s image by putting together a piece celebrating Bush’s compassion for people he sent into an abysmally stupid war.

The piece, called Biking With Bush, tries to show the softer side of Bush, a man of good will and charity. At one point Tapper actually references General Eisenhower sending troops into battle to get a human moment “beyond the talking points.” Bush, not surprisingly, used the opportunity to bang home his message of duty and service, associating his presidency with the sacrifice of soldiers who “don’t want to be felt sorry for.”

Yes, the butcher of Baghdad would like you to know he is a man of true compassion and a great advocate for veterans crippled by his wars of aggression. That’s some hard hitting journalism Jake. What would we do without you?

It is no surprise that Bush agreed to this complimentary interview, what still makes no sense is why was CNN interested? Not only does no one want to hear about Bush anymore, but the piece itself is worthless. Other than a highlight real at the George W. Bush Presidential Library the story has no appropriate forum. It sheds no light on Bush the man nor the effect of his policies. It has zero news value. The only effect the piece can even aspire to have is to try and rub some of the blood off of Bush’s hands, not a worthy pursuit for a news organization.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.