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Ralph Nader: Impeach Obama, Hillary (boo!) more hawkish than Obama, left-right alliance emerging

From Ralph Nader’s America: Impeach Obama, decriminalize drugs, libertarians & progressives unite!

Nader expects there is going to be a growth of left-right alliances in Congress, pointing to the war on drugs and bank regulatory efforts as areas of possibly confluence. On the war on drugs, Nader said that the United States should entirely decriminalize and move to regulate all drugs in the same way alcohol and tobacco are regulated.


But Nader qualified that the success of his envisioned left-right alliance is dependent on strong leaders. He said Sen. Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, has the potential to be a leader for the alliance, but added that he thinks the Kentucky Republican has certain shortcomings as a leader.

“He’s a mixed bag, you know, he’s evolving. He’s broadening his issues that he’s talking about and they’re beginning to resonate,” Nader said. “On the other hand … he has problems dealing with people.”

Paul’s “problems” aside, Nader predicted that he will be “the one to beat” in 2016 in a Republican contest that is also likely to also include Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. He also made it clear what he does not want to see in 2016: A Jeb Bush – Hillary Clinton matchup.

My own take: I haven’t read the book, but with that caveat in mind, the fact that leftish and rightish members of a corrupt Congress can occasionally unite is nothing to get very excited about. There has to be a large movement, which will have an electoral aspect, and is willing muck with both the Democratic and Republican parties. It has to be willing and able to at least get a good chunk of incumbents fired, even if it doesn’t have the political muscle, initially, to put one of its own in office.

I wonder – did Ralph Nader, who was a brilliant student at Princeton, ever sit down and think about the sort of numbers you’d need to dislodge incumbents? Dear Ralphie, here’s a hint for you:

Twisting Your Congress Critters’ Arm – A Goldilocks’-Sized First Step In Domination by the Electorate (Short Version)

And another:

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