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Over Easy: Another Caturday Night


My suspicions have been confirmed. Nagi is a filanderer. He has been sleeping on the chest of another cat lady, the little cheater.

Last week, a neighbor called us up to say that another neighbor had been asking around about the little black cat without a tail. Apparently, Nagi was mistaken for a stray and invited into this neighbor’s house. The little devil refused 5 different brands of cat food before this neighbor went out and bought boneless, skinless chicken thighs to cook up for the black devil. He slept on her for a few nights. He even gifted her with a bird!

Now, you may think this could only happen if I’m not keeping tabs on Nagi. Not so! Sure, I don’t worry if he’s away for the night. The weather is turning warm, and there are plenty of vermin to hunt, and he’s a tomcat, so I figure carousing is normal. But he comes home and checks in with me every day, has a go at the kibble bowl, collects a scritch, and sometimes goes off again on his merry way and sometimes retires for the night.

When I keep Nagi inside, he complains voiciferously in his cute peep of a voice right at the door. Worse, he’ll sharpen his claws on the leather couch to get my attention. Nagi apparently employs similar techniques at the neighbor’s house and she relents and lets him free.

So, Nagi is the filandering cat about town, begging at the doorstep of others for premium cuts of fresh chicken cooked to his liking. Howdoyoulikethat?!

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