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First Nations & the Cowboy and Indian Alliance Videos: One Step Beyond High

Because most of us need some spirit-raising just now; and yes, I continue to believe that First Nations and Indigenous women will lead us out of the hellish mess we’re in if only we would learn…

Reject and Protect Day 1: with Winona recounting her dream; Ponca Casey Camp: ‘We are women of power!’ and ‘‘The white man has turned on its own’ Turtle Island Women rawk; this is Glorious!



From IdleNoMore:

The Canadian government is currently spending 20 million taxpayers’ dollars in a public relations campaign in the United States aimed at attracting investment into Canada’s tar sands and other harmful developments in Native lands titled Connect2Canada. This direct action at the Canadian embassy marked a launch of the #Connect2Truth twitter campaign to counter this propaganda.

‘It’s time for our people to start developing our own policies and enforcing our inherent Treaty rights. It is time for us to start defining what that relationship looks like for our visitors and remind our visitors that they came here and we are the ones, as Indigenous people, that gave them the permission to settle here on Turtle Island,’ said Crystal Lameman, member of Beaver Lake Cree Nation.

Heather Milton Lightening, co-director of the Indigenous Tar Sands campaign of the Polaris Institute, stated, ‘We need to stop tar sands at the source. We are going to do that as a solid movement from coast to coast from east to west. We are going to shut down the tar sands. We are going to stop it!’
Check out press release from the action. See pictures from the action.

#Connect2Truth – Stand our Sacred Ground



Hip Hop artist Sicangu (Rosebud) Lakota Frank Waln performing at ‘Reject and Protect’ in DC

AIM Song – Moccasins On the Ground – Red Shirt Community

Published on Apr 27, 2014 April 2014 – Community leaders from across the United States and Canada join together on the Oglala Lakota Nation to become one mind, one spirit to protect the land, children and water – We welcome all to step up and protect sacred water. YOU CAN’T DRINK OIL.

Reject Keystone! Ponca Casey Camp opens ceremony at Sec State John Kerry’s house
Excellent photos here. Thank you, Brenda Norrell for assembling them.

An inspirational slideshow via TRNN by Jenna Pope: Cowboys and Indians Join Forces in DC to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline. Tipis on the National Mall; who’d have ever imagined that? (I’m not sure about the tipi painted in honor of the President, but I’m not quite as polite/hopeful as they are.)

And by way of a personal celebration at our house, we got seven inches of snow the night before last: a true blessing. the burned black mountain to the east of us, including the new tracks from boulders rolling down-mountain in last year’s very brief rain showers, carving the mountain into a new and unfamiliar topography. Unsettling for those of a certain age after so many decades. But: moisture! Water: the Medicine of Life.





Mitakuye Oyasin! 

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