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Breaking: NBA Bans Clippers Owner Donald Sterling for Life

NBA commissioner Adam Silver today held a news conference to discuss Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the racist comments he allegedly made in a recorded conversation. Silver announced the league is banning Sterling for life from the NBA. The league is also handing down the maximum fine of $2.5 million. —David Cohen, WWL “NBA bans Clippers owner for life”

After watching how the rich get out of crimes and Crisis Management PR people are engaged right along with high-powered defense lawyers, I’m sure that Sterling will be able to come back from this. It will just take enough money and the right strategy of whitewashing his racist rep.

Of course the LA NAACP did cancel his 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award, but will they rescind his 2008 NAACP Presidents Award?

I’m also wondering, are there rehab facilities for racists? Who would run them? Oprah? Rev. Al Sharpton? How long would it take to rehab Bundy or Donald Sterling?

In America these days money solves everything, so how much will Donald Sterling need to spend now to whitewash his racist rep? Will the proceeds of a Clippers sale donated to groups other than the NAACP be enough? Which PR firm will pick him up as a client?

Let’s all keep an eye out for the various ways that people like Bundy and Sterling work to rehabilitate their reps. It will be instructive.

Will he apologize? Or will he simply get in trouble for not being media trained? I was going to write a long post about media training and the right wings’ belief in it but I think Andy Borowitz said it best with this story.

Republicans Blast Nevada Rancher for Failing to Use Commonly Accepted Racial Code Words.”

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