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The Roundup for April 28th, 2014

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It’s the start of the work week. Though, I am guessing the week will fly right by.

International Politics


-Pew: 53 percent of Americans support increasing economic/diplomatic sanctions on Russia versus 36 percent. Yet, 62 percent disagree with sending arms to Ukrainian government.

– Remember when the U.S. built a Twitter-like service for dissent in Cuba? Well it wasn’t just for Cuba…

– Dahr Jamail: “On Bringing War Criminals to Justice“. Very well said.

– After John Kerry said Israel was close to being an apartheid state if peace talks fail, AIPAC replies the comments are “offensive and inappropriate.” The old cover your ears and say “La-La-La” argument.

– Also, John Kerry said internet access for people worldwide is a “fundamental right

– Experts state the UN should ignore Assad’s ban of aid for areas outside of his control

– In response to the volatile Ukraine, the U.S. placed more sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s inner circle

– The Pentagon verified a Russian defense minister told Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Russia will not invade Ukraine

Middle East

– Palestinian writer Yousef Aljamal discusses a book featuring voices of Palestinians titled “Gaza Writes Back” to The Real News. Readers interested more in this should definitely listen to journalist Rania Khalek interviewing Aljamal on Kevin and her’s “Unauthorized Disclosures” podcast on April 20, 2014

– Buzzfeed is producing articles showing the positives of Israel (i.e. propaganda) that is called “sponsored content.” Sponsored by whom? Well it’s pro-Israel billionaire Sheldon Adelson!

– 10 years after the world saw the horrors of the Abu Ghraib prison, justice still has not been served for those involved

– Chaldean Patriarch warns if nothing is done to stop their exodus from Iraq, then the country may end up without a lot of Christians

– Attacks by suicide bombers killed at least 57 people in Iraq as the elections in the country continue; Utterly inane to read. It is out of control.

– The BBC reports from a rebel-held town in Syria, rare in Syrian coverage, and how the fears of barrel bombs plague the civilians


– UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon: I am alarmed by the death sentence of 720 Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Egypt

Asia and Oceania

– Bill Gates writes in the People’s Daily, a Chinese newspaper, that the country should invest more in philanthropy by helping the poor; It’s comical Gates believes charitable capitalism will lead the way in a country that takes land from farmers and forces them into urbanized cities

– Two bombings in Pakistan led to the deaths of six Pakistanis and wounded others


– Mayor Gennady Kernes of Kharkiv, Ukraine (in the east) was shot by an unknown assailant while jogging or riding his bike

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The Cuban government announced it will offer more autonomy to its state-owned enterprises

Surveillance Planet

– AOL now tells its users to reset their email password after security problems erupt.

Financial Matters

– Gallup: The actual retirement age Americans are retiring at is 62,
up from 61 the last time the poll was conducted. This is in contrast to the ideal retirement age of 66.

– Dean Baker: “What Problem Is Privatizing Fannie and Freddie Meant to Solve?

– Pew: Americans agree inequality has risen, but by partisanship does not agree on the reason. 26 percent of Democrats say it is due to tax system, while 14 percent of Republican say the same (Note: This is the option with the highest support in both parties but Congress was tied for 14 percent for Republican voters). I say it is how the system is set up.

– Shareholders of Domino’s Pizza, after finding out J. Patrick Doyle made $43 million over the past three years, will request his salary be lowered to help boost the wages of workers

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Josh Eidelson: “Frostbite, falling freight, and forklifts on fire: America’s worst Wal-Mart warehouse, revealed

– The New York State Supreme Court ruled against the formation of a health insurance fund for taxi drivers and gives a win for the bourgeois owners

Politics US

Washington USA

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) goes against the orthodoxy of the GOP by criticizing Ronald Reagan’s fiscal record, which may be an attempt by Paul to get some control in the GOP.

– A federal appeals court has invalidated three same-sex marriages in Tennessee because the state’s law is “so unsettled

– Barrett Brown’s attorney requested a change on how criminal courts handle technology cases because of the massive power the federal government holds

– Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) plead not guilty to charges that include defrauding tax collectors when he ran a health food restaurant; He resigned from the House Financial Services Committee

– The Justice Department will collect statistics from local and state law enforcement on stops, arrests and searches to see if there is a racial bias

Anytown USA

– Dave Zirin: “Donald Sterling’s Willing Enablers

– Residents in Baltimore and workers as well find the plan to privatize their housing to be sickening and fight back, as found in part one of two of this The Real News report

– A new report found 4 percent of death row prisoners in contemporary times are innocent

– Chris Hedges: “The Crime of Peaceful Protest

– The murder rate on Navajo Nation lands rose in 2013, surpassing the national rate, which causes problems for both the Navajo police and the FBI

We Don’t Need No Education

A new report found four in five high school students are graduating, which is a milestone in education.

– A wonderful article on the difficulties getting an internship in the media world as numerous obstacles and problems make the media world a very difficult place

– Indiana became the first state to remove the Common Core standards and look for a better alternative

Top Gun (Stories)

– Donations to groups supporting gun control surpassed fundraising for groups like the NRA according to FEC filings

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Gallup: About one in three Americans admit to not seeing the dentist. Specifically, there has been a decline from 2008 to 2013 of people who have visited the dentist.

– The FDA warns companies they will face legal action if they to falsely claim they can cure autism

The Second Sex

A new report by the ACLU exposes the cruel effects of solitary confinement on women. Here are five key takeaways from it.

A new report by the National Women’s Law Center found many things about the pay gap, but what I found interesting was how the pay gap increases with age. Executive summary can be found here.

– If Mississippi’s law on admitting privileges stands in court, that means the end not only for the last abortion clinic in the state, but also for providing abortion in the South

– The New York State Board of Regents announced it will increase the number women covered in its history curriculum to help correct the gross gender imbalance

– Brown University tells its student in an email the student who raped his victim and only faced suspension will not be returning to campus 

Planet Earth 

– In Oklahoma, a Koch-backed bill passed into law forcing solar panel owners to pay an additional fee just for using it in the first place

– The drought in California has gotten worse and Governor Jerry Brown (D) issued orders to relax environmental laws to allow more water to be redistributed

– Tornadoes in the Midwest, specifically Arkansas and Oklahoma, killed at least 17 people 

– TransCanada, the company behind the idea of constructing Keystone XL pipeline, is working up relationships with police departments in Nebraska

– BP announced it was “committed” to working with Rosneft, a Russian oil company, despite the situation in Ukraine

Mixed Bag

– Gallup: Nine in 10 Americans say mobile technology has increased communication with friends or family

– Scientists make 3-D glasses for the praying mantis to study how their 3-D vision 

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

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