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Over Easy: Monday Science

This has nothing to do with the post, two of these kittens will soon be mine! or vice versa…


It’s a lovely day here in Ohio, we’re sitting in the family room with all the windows open, enjoying the evening.

Fukushima Update:

Japan Times says TEPCO regaining trust is a paramount issue. I don’t think that’s possible, I think it’s time TEPCO management (at least) is replaced by another company as far as Fuku is concerned. TEPCO has admitted to “embarrassment” regarding the errors and delays.

Some photos of the cleanup operation under the leaking tanks. Hopefully, they won’t move overnight.

WIPP Update:

Reddish brown vapors were noticed on filters. Not enough data to speculate on what that was. There are many things, some mostly harmless, that could do that. But no analysis reported, and if they can see it they can sure tell what it is.

They were seeing problems with roof bolts in the area of the accident long before the accident occurred.

Green burst seen just before the radiation event began in the the electrical switchyard. Possible short due to a container explosion or a roof collapse?

WSJ claims that Pu leak continues for 20 DAYS after accident.

Rare birth defect clustered around Hanford. But I’m sure it has nothing to do with the crap stored there.

Arguably the worst video game ever written and held responsible for a large part of Atari’s failure, nevertheless modern archeologists have unearthed the place where the unsold copies of ET were buried.

They would like us to believe that a cell phone kill switch is wanted to prevent theft. It would NEVER be used to prevent Occupy protesters or others the government doesn’t like from communicating. Nevertheless, California voted it down.

Yet another IE vulnerability. Wonder how long the government has known about this one? It goes all the way back to IE 6.

Is spacetime a liquid? It’s actually NOT a stupid question, as we’ve discovered many things that can be modeled by fluid dynamics. The event horizon of a black hole, for example.

Big step forward in capacitors, they’re calling is an “Ultra-capacitor” rather than Super-capacitor. Right now, the main knock against solar is that there’s no effective way to store and release enough power to last the night. I hope it scales up.

Which is good, because this could lead to a new generation of solar cells. Copper nanowires!

And the old Germanium style of solar cells hits a new milestone of 14% conversion efficiency. Yes, the silicon cells are more efficient, but these can be made smaller and cheaper.

500 days in space and there’s no public information on exactly what it’s doing. I think it’s doing exactly what our current spy satellites are doing, but it gives us the ability to scan areas without people knowing we’re coming and maybe catching something they were trying to hide from satellites with known orbits.

Viagra Ice Cream. This is just WRONG on so many different levels. Now strangers will be giving milkshakes rather than candy.

Boxturtle (Ya know, if I mixed Viagra, pot, Tutti-Frutti and got a Colorado vendors license…)

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