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Video: H.Clinton on Snowden, As Bad as It Gets

Warmonger Hillary Clinton opines about Snowden. First she deceptively states that they were just beginning a dialogue on the Snowden issues and implies that he kinda got in the way of those disclosures. Does anyone believe that? Does that insult your intelligence?  Second she falsely asserts that Snowden could have merely came out and been part of the debate. Ron Wyden could not disclose despite being a Senator. Did she insult you intelligence yet? Then proceeds with her prevarications by implying that whistle blower protections were available to Snowden, she knew that was a lie. No whistle blower protections under the espionage act.  Insulted yet? Then she implies that Snowden chose to go to Russia. She knew that the US had pulled his passport and effectively trapped him in Russia. Do you think she has any respect for the truth and the requirement to convey that to you? Then she shows her diplomatic skills she will use as president by continuing to demonize, insult, degrade through distortion the president of a nuclear armed country- why would you not vote for her for president? I am very comfortable in saying she is just a pig  of a person.

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