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Republicans Are Caught With Their Pants Down


Republicans are caught with their pants down

Within this past week’s national obsession that is now focused on Nevada’s Cliven Bundy, doing a take down on Bundy and his Patriot buddies, is just too easy to pass up. 
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However, I prefer to spend my time writing about this political nonsense, and starting from a much neglected direction.  Take, for example, the following and as provided by our local and statewide conservative newspaper here in Arizona.

“…A handful of lawmakers started work afire with the Bundy Ranch fever.  Several Republicans traveled to Nevada, where rancher Cliven Bundy has been in a standoff with federal officials over his two-decade old practice of not paying his grazing fees.

“Representative David Livingston, who tweeted photos of himself at a pro-Bundy news conference, returned to the House a changed man, or so he told fellow lawmakers, ‘We do not have the power’ he said, complaining about the state’s inability to control land within its borders.

“But Representative Albert Hale reminded lawmakers who really owns much of the Western land.  Hale, a member of the Navajo Nation, concluded a floor speech by noting that he was in Tuba City on the same day Livingston and Co. were in Nevada.  ‘Thanks for trying to get my land back,’ Hale said, looking at Livingston, as lawmakers burst into laughter.”

And from this standpoint of an indigenous person, need more be said?


 Note:  Originally posted on the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization


Picture from bark licensed under Creative Commons

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