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Late Night: Hook, Line, and Sinker

He is now a martyr in his own mind

In about the least surprising development imaginable, it turns out that freeloading ranch-bagger Cliven Bundy “knows” that “negroes” are all just a bunch of shiftless, baby-killing porch monkeys for whom everything went downhill once they quit picking cotton. Well, duh.

You see, in the church of the American Right, racism is another bead on the sacred rosary, right next to anti-environmentalism and gun worship; membership requires prayer to all of them. No one thought to ask Bundy what he thinks of, say, the carried interest tax deduction or light bulbs, but perhaps because it’s unnecessary to do so at this point.

Bundy is yet another product of the right wing noise machine, which has created its own worldview based not on any principle, but a cynical cobbling together of plutocratic goals and white trash prejudices into a tottering edifice of contradictions that, until recently anyway, could often produce a winning plurality in elections.

I’ve seen the phenomenon in my own family: my aunt and uncle suddenly becoming much more devout and judgmental Catholics as they slid down the FOXhole, even warning my cousins that witches and devils were not appropriate Halloween costumes for their children; or my Dad’s girlfriend, whose late husband was a college professor, asserting that American cars were crummy because of the unions.

Previous beliefs and lived experiences evaporate like cow piss on a hot rock, as it were, when blasted with right wing hot air, day after day, year after year. Worse, because all of their news sources spout identical nonsense, and all of their (remaining) friends believe the whole steaming pile, they, like Bundy, proudly spout such errant BS to all who will listen, and are genuinely surprised anyone would disagree.

Outside the bubble, though, things often go awry, which is the reason right wing red meat is always served smothered in the gravy of victimization. The assured backlash by the reality-based majority leads not to repentance, but to martyrdom; lather, rinse, repeat.

When I look at Bundy, I feel pity more than revulsion; he has been deliberately encouraged to reveal his worst side to the world for a political movement with goals beyond his comprehension and decidedly not in his interest.

He is now a martyr in his own mind, but don’t expect Americans for Prosperity or Club for Growth to be lighting a candle for him. They, and Fox News, have already moved on.


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