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Actually, Washington Times, Coloradans Increasingly Think Legalization Was the Right Decision

4/20 in Boulder CO

4/20 in Boulder Colorado

For some reason the Washington Times decided to begin their article about the marijuana initiative in Alaska by making the misleading claim that Colorado voters seem to regret their decision. From the Washington Times:

Colorado has been a test case for marijuana legalization in recent months. Yes, it could prove to be an economic boom. But voters already have remorse over the legislation: New polling reveals that majorities are not eager to mar Colorado’s “wholesome” image, or replace it with something more, uh, cosmic.

Alaska, where the legalization issue will appear on an public ballot this fall, faces similar concerns.

The Washington Times seems to be referring to a Quinnipiac poll from February which found 51 percent think legalization has been a negative for Colorado’s national image while 38 percent think it has been positive. Yet that same poll also found support for Amendment 64 has grown significantly in spite of that.

Support for marijuana legalization has increased noticeably since November of 2012 when voters approved it. Two polls confirmed a jump in support after the first recreational stores opened. While the ballot measure was approved with only 55 percent voting yes, support for the law is now around 58 percent.

Colorado voters are not remorseful about legalization. While they do seem to be slightly bothered about the stupid way many in the national media have covered their decision, that minor annoyance hasn’t stop the people of Colorado from growing increasingly convinced that legalization was the right policy decision.

The reality is a growing majority are eager to embrace marijuana legalization even though they know it means their state is occasionally the butt of some really stupid jokes.

Photo by Eric Magnuson under Creative Commons license

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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