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Climate Change Skepticism Has Become a Defining Characteristic for the GOP

Skepticism about global warming has effectively become a tribal signifier among Republicans. This is what it looks like when an issue becomes fully politicized by party. On this issue a person’s partisan leaning is now more important than age, gender, income or education when it comes to how you see the issue. From Gallup:

Gallup Global Warming Opinion Groups -- Demographic Profile

There was a time not so long ago when Congressional Republicans were actually willing to take about global warming and possible solutions, but that time has passed. Similarly, you had much less partisan divide among regular people. But in the last few years being skeptical about global warming has steadily turned into a defining characteristic of the national GOP, much in the way that being anti-abortion did in previous decades.

It is probably not coincidenta that this shift comes about as the Koch brothers became one of the biggest financial forces in Republican politics. A great example of how money can work in politics.

Sadly, this partisan alignment of the issue makes the hope of Congressional action incredibly remote.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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