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RT: Shell tells Putin gas project not derailed by Ukraine

We have  manufactured a crisis, in Ukraine, to stoke fear in the american people so that they will accept more austerity so that money could be spent on an aggressive military  adventure three quarters of the way across the Globe. For the 1% it is business as usual. Shell is in Russia, thus supporting the savaging of the Crimean people through referendum.

From RT:

Royal Dutch Shell’s new CEO Ben Van Beurden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, signaling Ukraine tension has not affected investment in Russia, and that energy contracts won’t be derailed by international politics.

Chief executive Van Beurden met with the president at his residence outside of Moscow and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to develop Russia’s only liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant with Gazprom.

“We also know that this is going to be a project that will need strong support to succeed. So one of my purposes of meeting with you, Mr. President, is to also secure support for the way forward on this project,”Van Beurden said.

“Now is the time to expand this lucrative project, we will need strong support to make it a success,” the oil chief said.

Putin said he was happy that Shell is continuing its work in Russia.”

No level of hypocrisy is too much for Obama. A crisis so severe, so menacing that it requires large troop deployment, addition fighter jets being  dispatched, more frequent and substantial patrols of every kind  in the Black Sea, the necessity to give on going televised accounts of the crisis and what he is doing and is going to do to stop this menace from taking over the world………….he may be worse than Bush. at least Bush was straight forward about being a warmonger. Obama is worse. He is the ultimate hypocrite in almost every aspect of his presidency. He is worse than Bush, He is Bush in sheeps clothing.

I am sure that he will continue to warmonger for oil deals for the 1% in Russia.

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