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Bundy and His Followers: Enemy Combatants

I am dismayed at the pussy-ass way the federal government backed down in Nevada, when insane right-wingers pointed guns at BLM agents.

If this had been people taking over federal property to advocate for gay marriage, or pot advocates blocking roads leading to grow sites, the body count would be staggering. But because it was right-wing assholes, the feds backed down. Yet another act of pure cowardice by the federal government, who should have called in an air strike against Bundy and his followers and killed every last one of them. It was nothing short of an act of war against the United States of America and all those people should have been treated as enemy combatants.

An old friend rightly asked if the government would have treated gay-rights activists or legal-pot advocates the same had they pulled the same shit that was pulled in Nevada and my response was “the body count would be staggering.” It would be, The feds would have opened fire without hesitation.

It’s time to start cracking down on right wingers in a a huge and overwhelming way. It’s time to stop being pussies and hoping they will come to a greater understanding of how stupid and wrong they are. Not gonna happen. Thus, they need to be smashed and destroyed. Their property seized and they should be exiled to some island in the pacific where there is no fresh water, no arable soil and no means to sustain themselves. Better off without ’em.

Failing that, the US must break up. Individual states should fend for themselves and there should be NO federal government. Because the federal government is so afraid of right-wingers with guns, even though the federal government can smash them with ease. But you have to have the WILL to do it. Sadly, the vast majority of Democrats have no stomach for putting up a fight. They want to TALK. Hot air. ‘Baggers won’t listen, they CAN’T listen because polysyllabic words are beyond their comprehension.

The incident in Nevada proves beyond doubt, the time for talk is over. It’s time to act. Obama should call out the Nevada National Guard to put down what can only be defined as an armed insurrection. Show these people they will be treated as enemy combatants, just like the Taliban. Because they are the American version of the Taliban.

It’s time to stop fucking around.

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