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SPLC is to Domestic Terrorism as Fox News was to WMDs

Understand, the implementation of the concept, in the American mind, that Domestic Terrorism is a real concern is the I’ve got a Golden Ticket moment for crushing anything that could be related to civil liberties, dissent or protest. Once that concept is accepted by the American people there will be no limits to the repressive, intrusive, all consuming assault on our remaining civil liberties. The Southern Poverty Law Center is to domestic terrorism as Fox News was to WMD in Iraq. They are the go to organization for the federal government and MSM on domestic terrorism. Their predictions on the rise of all sorts of Domestic terrorist groups exceed the slam dunk assertions made by the Bush administration. The SPLC are the domestic terrorists. They are the fear by misinformation organisation.

The SPLC is trotted out to advocate that the Bundy Ranch group appears as just the tip of the iceberg. How much,overt, militia conduct have you seen? How has it touched your life? How has it touched the lives of people you are associated with? When is the last time you heard of an organised militia doing anything? Then listen to what the venom the SPLC is/has been spewing for the last couple decades. Does any of it come close to reality? Then why do they have any credibility? For the same reason Fox has any credibility after Iraq/WMD assertions, people are idiots.

Don’t get duped. What are the facts?

As example, Rachel Maddow forwards, in a recent propaganda segment, “Why are we not more concerned about domestic terrorist”. Now Rachel, who hated war with a passion under Bush yet loves and promotes all war and aggression under Obama as good, is wearing a new hat as an alarmist on the issue of non-existent domestic terrorism. She has flip-flopped ion so many issues, not raised so many issues she can not be called a journalist but, she is a bellwether for what the establishment is pushing. Domestic terrorism.  So in between vilifying Putin and advocating for aggressive actions against Russia, because they could be in Finland soon if no one stops them, she has a little time to fear monger for the SPLC.

I wish I had a pill for stupid.

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