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Russia Condemns Kiev’s Military Action In East Ukraine As ‘Anti-Constitutional’

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The crisis in Ukraine is taking some interesting twists and turns. After the interim government in Kiev launched what it called “anti-terrorist” operations in East Ukraine to force out pro-Russian demonstrators, Russian President Vladimir Putin has labeled the moves “anti-constitutional acts” in a phone call with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

So while both sides condemn each other the question remains what will be the actual military response from Russia, if any, for pushing out pro-Russian demonstrators. Given past events it seems unlikely there will be no response.

The US meanwhile called Kiev’s military operation in East Ukraine a “measured approach.” Statements that come after CIA Director John Brennan met with officials from the Ukrainian government while “on vacation.”

Asked what advice the CIA director, John Brennan, who visited Kiev on Saturday, and other US officials have given security forces in Kiev, Carney replied: “We urged the Ukrainian government to move forward, gradually, responsibly, and with all due caution, as it deals with this situation caused by armed militants.”

The violence and threats of violence comes about a month before the election in Ukraine to replace the government overthrown by US-backed forces in Kiev.

It seems increasingly unlikely that the election will be free or fair.

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Russia Condemns Kiev’s Military Action In East Ukraine As ‘Anti-Constitutional’

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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