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Warrant reveals more fetishes of a #Scranton, PA Roman #Catholic priest

The back of a iPhone 4 including its camera lens and flash

Police searched the iPhone and other devices of a Catholic priest accused of sexual abuse.

Sexually violent predator Father Altavilla, a Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton Priest charged with touching a teenage girl in 1998 told detectives he frequently searches the internet for depictions of women being raped.

Catholic Priest & his iPad & iPhone

The search warrant application for his iPhone, iPad & other devices revealed that Father Altavilla confessed to Lackawanna County Detectives Jennifer Gerrity & Vincent Uher on the day of his arrest that he struggled with a fetish involving feet, pantyhose, chloroform, and strangulation. He took pictures of the feet of teenage girls, including his victims, then he kept the pictures in a bag inside his residence.

Cryptic message

Father Altavilla consented to authorities permission to search his residence & they seized his computer & iPhone. Detective Uher saw a message in plain view indicating the author of a message to Father Altavilla was “haunted for years” & the author still remembers waking up with Father Altavilla. It is unknown if the message was in text, tweet, wall post or e-mail form, but Lackawanna County Assistant DA Jennifer McCambridge confirmed the woman who Father Altavilla is accused of raping in 1998 did not send the message. The Pennsylvania State Police are still analyzing the contents of Father Altavilla’s computer and everything else they seized. Father Altavilla will face his preliminary hearing on Rape & corruption of minors on 4/30/2014.

Photo by superstrikertwo released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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