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A jar of medical grade Purple Diesel cannabis

Medical cannabis for prisoners … and cocaine addicts in Uruguay.

Tonight’s video is “Why is ketchup so hard to pour?” from TED-Ed.

Ever go to pour ketchup on your fries…and nothing comes out? Or the opposite happens, and your plate is suddenly swimming in a sea of red? George Zaidan describes the physics behind this frustrating phenomenon, explaining how ketchup and other non-Newtonian fluids can suddenly transition from solid to liquid and back again.

Being able to refer to ketchup as a non-Newtonian fluid sounds like it could be fun conversation at the right parties.

We’ve covered Uruguay’s efforts to legalize cannabis frequently here on Firedoglake. A recent tidbit via Mint Press News: prisoners in Uruguay will be able to get medical marijuana with a prescription. Not only that, they might use cannabis to treat cocaine addiction, rather than sending addicts to jail! Via Huffington Post:

‘Jail is not a very suitable place for someone to safely overcome drug addiction,’ Leonel Briozzo, the country’s undersecretary for public health, said in an event at the U.N. Briozzo called for ‘new strategies for drug addiction treatment, especially for harder drugs like “pasta base.” And in that sense, we harbor a possible hope that medical marijuana can play a role in this as well.’

‘Pasta base’ — also known as ‘paco’ — is cocaine base paste, a byproduct of the cocaine refining process. The cheap drug swept through Uruguay and neighboring Argentina during the 2000s, leaving public health officials struggling to control its fallout.

Research on medical marijuana’s efficacy in treating addiction to other, ‘hard’ drugs like pasta base appears limited. But other countries, such as Colombia, have begun considering projects seeking to use marijuana to treat addicts.

‘The idea isn’t that marijuana will substitute for what is obviously a much harder and more dangerous drug, but that marijuana can help reduce the anxieties when you go off that drug,’ said Coletta Youngers, an associate at the International Drug Policy Consortium.

Bonus: Our Rad Justice System,” a comic from Matt Bors.

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Photo by Dank Depot released under a Creative Commons license.

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