Protest Racist KC Murders at Nazi Collaborator Jim McGovern’s Northampton Office Today, Every Tuesday at 1:15 — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


My US Congressman Jim McGovern voted to back Nazis in the Ukraine, three times. He voted for President Obama’s program arming the Nazi coalition Government, which just overthrew the legitimately Elected one there that our country was pledged by Treaty to protect. This was a War Crime.

The Obama Administration with Jim McGovern’s help installed the first Nazi Government in Europe since Hitler. Now, obviously emboldened by our own Government’s new embrace of Nazism, a famed Nazi and Klansman and outspoken anti-Semite, Frazier Glenn Cross/Miller apparently Assassinated three people at Jewish events Sunday.

I’ve done these weekly protests at McGovern’s Northampton, Massachusetts, office three times. The first time, it looked like the person sitting at the desk in the office called the police. Very quickly, a Northampton Police car showed up. The cop in the car looked at my sign and parked a block down the street. He did not approach me. My first two times protesting McGovern, I was the only one there.

My protest sign is a piece of notebook paper still attached in the notebook. It shows the international slash-over sign for “No_” over a Swastika, like the Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys poster “Nazi Punks Fuck Off,” but without the lettering.

The second week, a man from Congressman McGovern’s came out, noted that I had been there the week before, and asked what was my problem with Jim McGovern. I told him. I told him that I consider Jim McGovern the Nazi Ambassador to our Congressional District, because, as far as I know, he’s the only person in our District who does support them.

Let me say now that Jim McGovern has been an outstanding member of Congress, and I have even been enthusiastic over much of his work. But Nazi collaboration is a deal-breaker for me.

When I got to the weekly protest last week wearing my Uncle Sam pants, my torn raincoat, and my torn backpack; already sitting on the bench across the street from Congressman McGovern’s office was the perfect undercover agent: A nondescript young guy in his 20s wearing a baseball cap with a hard-to-make-out green logo on its front:

Remember, McGovern’s office knew to expect me this time, and nobody from the office came out to ask me anything. No cop showed up: As soon as I held up my sign and started showing it to pedestrians and drivers of passing cars, the guy across the street whipped out a sleek expensive camera and began shooting photos and filming me.

He kept it up for … I don’t know how long, because I was trying to do my work of making my protest known to the public: Soon my friend Daniel, whom I had just spoken to, showed up to join in the protest. I shook his hand.

I handed him $5, knowing that he may have been giving up much more than that by leaving his busy Street Performing gig at the heart of the sidewalk-traffic day. Daniel showed solidarity with me, and I felt proud, and more committed than ever. We talked about the Ukraine situation.

We talked about the Propaganda that major media was shoveling. We talked about the crooked politicians. We talked about the Nazis. We served out our complete tour of duty: We stayed there a full ten minutes, and then we left, and went on about our separate days:

Who was the guy filming me? He was almost certainly someone from the far Right, keeping track of just WHO is demonstrating against the Fascists. Here’s my assessment of the probabilities on who the phantom photographer was:


~~~34%~~ He was a Government agent of some kind committing Treason by deploying an Act of War (Espionage) against an American citizen exercising his Constitutional Right to Try to Be Heard.
~~~33%~~ He was a Nazi, Klansman, or some such Hatemonger keeping track of who’s dissing them.
~~~32%~~ He was with the press: I gave my Press Release to these 3 entities:
~~~~12%~ He was with the Daily Hampshire Gazette, our local city paper here, which has largely stopped reporting national news since it got my Press Release cautioning that Mainstream Media is publishing Nazi Propaganda.
~~~~11%~ He was with the Valley Advocate, our local alternative rag, which poses as Left-leaning to pander to local demographics, but often tries to trick its readers into voting for Right-Wing Republican Pinheads (RWRPs) who are registered as Democrats.
~~~~~9%~ He was with Channel 22, our local NBC affiliate, whose news crew I saw around the corner a few minutes earlier. 22 usually targets uninformed and unintelligent viewers with quite stupid fake news, but sometimes reports student or Lefty events from Noho and Amherst. But I’d just seen their news crew around the corner, up to their usual nonsense banter.
~~~~1%~~ He either read about it on and came to document it, or he just happened to be there and saw a guy dressed as Uncle Sam holding a sign that symbolized “No Swastika.”

: So that’s it my fellow countryfolk, that’s what we’re down to: Daniel and Me: Two disabled semi-homeless greybeard Street Performers on Social Security, one Black, one White:

We are our nation’s front line against Nazism. Don’t worry, America, Daniel and I will never let the Nazis take over here. Never, as long as we live!



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