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Military Action Breaks Out In Eastern Ukraine

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The situation in Ukraine has deteriorated further as the interim president in Kiev, Oleksandr Turchynov, has ordered an “anti-terrorist” operation against political opponents in Eastern Ukraine. The terrorism charge is targeted at groups in Eastern Ukraine that have seized public buildings claiming allegiance to the Russian Federation.

Turchnynov had given pro-Russian protesters a Monday morning deadline to disperse which passed without action by the protesters.

The UN has also issued a report that sees what is occurring in Eastern Ukraine as in keeping with what happened in Crimea previous to it joining the Russian Federation. Eastern Ukraine, like Crimea, contains a larger ethnic Russian minority.

Based on information gathered by U.N. human rights monitors since March 15, the report draws concerning parallels between what happened in Crimea and events unfolding in eastern Ukraine now.

“In eastern Ukraine, where a large ethnic Russian minority resides, the situation remains particularly tense,” the report said. “It will be important to immediately take initial measures to build confidence between the government and the people, and among the various communities, and reassure all people throughout Ukraine that their main concerns will be addressed.”

Will Russia annex more of Ukraine?

If the “anti-terrorist” operations ordered by Kiev get out of control Russia may use the violence as a pretext to invade or send in armed assistance to local forces in Eastern Ukraine on the grounds of protecting ethnic Russians.

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