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Michael Ruppert, investigative journalist and author of Crossing The Rubicon”, as well as a former Los Angeles Police Department officer with U.S. intelligence expertise, has been murdered!

Ruppert was in good health, and only 63 years old. Of course, they are officially calling it a “self-inflicted” suicide (gunshot). This happened after he was recently heard in good spirits, talking on a Radio program.


Crossing The Rubicon delineates in detail the CIA’s involvement with the drug trade and arming foreign guerillas to meet their own needs, and their involvement with events leading up to 9/11 along with the FBI, Military Industrial Complex, and Wall St. This is detective journalism at its best. If you ever wanted to know what and who was REALLY behind 9/11, this is the book.

9/11 made possible what Dick Cheney called, “The war that won’t end in our lifetimes.” This is a war that is chasing the last remaining hydrocarbons across the globe. Dick Cheney was responsible for running a completely separate chain of Command & Control via the Secret Service, assuring the paralysis of Air Force response on 9/11. The Secret Service had the technology to see the same radar screens the FAA sees in real time. Dick Cheney was the acting Commander in Chief on 9/11.

In May of 2001 Dick Cheney was placed directly in charge of managing the “seamless integration” of all training exercises throughout the federal government and military agencies by presidential mandate. The morning of 9/11 began with multiple training exercises of war games and terror drills which Cheney, as mandated by the president, was placed in charge of managing.

War games & Terror drills included live-fly exercises with military aircraft posing as hijacked aircraft over the United States, as well as simulated exercises that placed “false blips” (radar injects indicating virtual planes) on FAA radar screens. One exercise titled NORTHERN VIGILANCE pulled Air Force fighters up into Canada simulating a Russian air attack, so there were very few fighters remaining on the east coast to respond. All of this paralyzed Air Force response ensuring that fighter jocks couldn’t stop 9/11.
An unknown individual or command center referred to by Major Don Arias of NORAD as the “maestro” coordinated the war games. It is possible there was more than one maestro, but no one will name names. FTW has asked this question of everyone in relevant government and military positions, to no avail. Our investigation has found the maestro was either Dick Cheney, General Ralph “Ed” Eberhart, or both.

Whoever was coordinating the Air Force war games was under the management and direction of Dick Cheney, who was also in charge of managing a terror drill being set up on the West Side of downtown New York on 9/11 titled Tripod 2. This exercise set up a command and control center on 9/11 that was configured exactly like the one lost that morning in WTC 7.


Quick Summary: Dick Cheney behind 9/11.


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