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Total Lunar Eclipse in Tomorrow’s Wee Small Hours, plus Blood Moon Prophecy

(Or: some time after midnight tonight, depending on your time zone)

Here is NASA’s version of the event and coming events: this iteration of a lunar eclipse tetrad.



 “…you’re seeing every sunrise and sunset in the world; all of them, all at once.”


Now ordinarily I believe it’s bad form to mock a particular religion or sect, and I don’t wish to offend any believers reading this.   But in this case, it’s hard not to share this other view of the coming total eclipse ‘Blood Moon’ tetrads for several reasons.  First, I’ve long been bigoted about Pastor John Hagee’s brand of eschatology.  Second, I am not a fan of mixing religion with politics (yes, get in line, get over it…); and third, his proclaimed ‘research’ makes a mockery of science, not simply the fact that he believes God is using these celestial events specifically as communication devices  to wake us to the message Hagee and his ilk want us to ‘prepare for’.

Pastor (say it with reverb) Hagee, of course, is the President and founder of Christians United for Israel, Inc. (CUFI), a San Antonio-based group that used to urge a Jewish/Christian alliance in support of Israel as per some Biblical passages that they interpreted as ‘Once Israel stands alone (and I don’t quite remember what that meant to them in the past), Christ would return (dispensationalism) . Wikipedia says that at least one member has tweaked that reasoning recently, and that they are keen ‘supporters of Israel’ (including financially) extremely anti-Hamas and anti-Iranian, and have a strong lobbying arm.  But you can read their history there, or look into their website.  They claim to have 1.6 million members including chapters and ‘presences’ on some 250 college campuses; you can purchase meaningful gifts there to support both Israel and CUFI.  Now none of this is news in itself, but is a little bit of background for the following video.  You may be hearing allusions to some of this in the near future if you have Christianist relatives or coworkers, as I do.

The video contains some interesting ‘Messianic Blood Moons Tetrads’ footage morphed with an interview with ‘the chief religion correspondent’ at Fox News, which might be the fourth reason for my er…mockery: she is too credulous for comfort.



But as far as my bigotry goes, guilty as charged; this is the only bumper sticker I ever put on my car:




(…although I might have done so with the one a funny and curmudgeonly client said he almost bought me:  NUKE THE WHALES)


NASA will livestream the event courtesy of Marshall Space Flight Center. The feed will feature a variety of lunar eclipse views from telescopes around the United States.  The chat module will go live on this page at approximately 12:45 a.m. EDT. Convert to your local time here.


And because I can…I wish you a Starry Night.

NYC - MoMA: Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night

(flickr, creative commons)

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