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What’s the Impact of Today’s Pulitzers on Whistleblowers?

Here is the complete Pulitzer Prize list.

Caricature of Edward Snowden wearing a Booz Allen ID badge

How can we protect the whistleblowers?

Rep. Peter King is on it:

Awarding the Pulitzer to Snowden enablers is a disgrace.

I’m happy for the Guardian and Washington Post but … let’s think about the whistleblowers for a minute.

This award might help journalists and their publishers stand up more, but they are still going to need those whistleblowers. And whistleblowers can see that their lives will be ruined. Who is helping and protecting them?

I’m looking at a case now where both the government and a powerful industry want to shut down whistle blowers. These people don’t want to flee the country, be thrown into jail or sued to death by an industry.

I not only want whistleblowers to be revealing stuff, I’d like them to profit from it! Crazy I know, but we talk about the cost savings for exposing government waste and corruption. What is your reward for exposing it or stopping it? Satisfaction is nice, but you also get lawsuits and possible arrest.

I’m hoping more people can find out and use qui tam laws so they can not only expose fraud problems and illegal acts, but sue the companies profiting from them.

And speaking of profits.  This is what I imagine the other papers are saying:

Pulitzer’s are overrated. Just how much extra revenue will it bring into a newspaper or organization? That’s the real question to ask! How much did they spend on lawyers? How did this help their circulation or hits?

Can we increase our ad rates following this award? How do millions of Tweets and Likes increase OUR revenue and not just Twitter’s and Facebook’s?

I’m guessing in about 30 minutes BuzzFeed will turn this into million hit listicles: “5 Ways Pulitzer Awards are Destroying Journalism” and “The Dirty Secrets behind Pulitzer Voting.”

David Gregory will be on this Sunday replaying his clip of his interview with Greenwald pointing out that it wasn’t HIM personally asking the question about Greenwald aiding and abetting, but it was a classic, “some are saying” question and that he actually gave Greenwald a great place to state his position and should be thanking him.

Image by DonkeyHotey licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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