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LIVE at 7:30: Chelsea Manning’s New Attorney With Thomas Drake and Mike German


Thomas Drake: It is criminal not to reveal war crimes, violations of law, and subversion of the Constitution.

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake and FBI whistleblower Mike German join Chelsea Manning’s new defense attorney Nancy Hollander and her law partner Vincent Ward for an evening on what’s ahead for Manning as well as a frank talk on whistleblowing and freedom of information.

Nancy Hollander is a well-known civil rights attorney, who was chosen by the National Law Journal in 2001 as one of the nation’s 50 top women litigators. Additional speakers for the event will be Hollander’s law partner Vincent Ward, NSA whistle-blower Thomas Drake, and FBI whistle-blower Mike German. Drake blew the whistle on illegal wire-tapping, fraud and abuse at the NSA, and Mike German alerted congress to deficiencies in the FBI’s counterrorism operations.

This is the issue of our day. The talk is scheduled to begin at 7:30pm at Georgetown University Law Center and will be live streamed here.

Kevin Gosztola is live tweeting from the event.

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